FAQs | 3-Year LLB (Hons) Programme

In 1988, NLSIU launched India’s first 5-year integrated BA LLB (Hons) programme. The success of this programme has secured NLS’s legacy as the institution that radically disrupted legal education in India. Three decades after this bold experiment, NLSIU is set to launch a new interdisciplinary 3-year LLB (Hons) Programme in 2022. Here are some FAQs on our new programme.

What is NLSIU's new 3-Year LLB (Hons) programme?

The new 3-year LLB (Hons) programme is an effort in reimagining legal education for the 21st century. It is a qualifying law degree that will equip students from various disciplines to pursue a high-quality legal education. The programme is interdisciplinary in nature and will prepare students to use law in addressing contemporary challenges in diverse walks of social and political life.

Why is NLSIU starting the 3-year LLB (Hons) programme?

The 3-year LLB (Hons.) programme will provide an opportunity for students who have specialized in other disciplines to pursue legal education. This programme will also make legal education at NLSIU more vibrant and add to the interdisciplinary focus of all our programmes. The unique NLS pedagogy and the rigour of the NLS classroom that is the hallmark of our undergraduate law programme will be applied to this new programme as well. We invite bright and motivated students who are keen on pursuing an intensive legal education after graduation to apply for the programme.

Is the 3-Year LLB (Hons) a full time programme?

Yes, the 3-Year LLB (Hons) is a full time and residential programme. 


How do I apply for the 3-Year LLB (Hons) Programme?

Admissions will be through a national level entrance examination, which will be conducted in early 2022. The first batch will admit 60 students. Classes will begin on July 1, 2022. More details on the entrance exam will be provided in due course.  


How is the 3-Year LLB (Hons) an interdisciplinary programme?

NLS aims at creating the next generation of thought leaders in the field of law. Hence, the programme will have a unique interdisciplinary approach to legal pedagogy. It will teach doctrine (which will equip students to practice the law) along with courses that provide students insights from disciplines like sociology, anthropology, economics, history, politics, gender studies, development studies, etc. to evolve a nuanced perspective on what law is, how it functions in society, and how it relates to questions of social transformation.

Is the 3-Year LLB (Hons) an experiential programme? 

Yes, the programme will bridge theory and practice by offering students a range of clinics and practicums as part of the curriculum. These courses will provide students the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to live cases and issues. The curriculum is being designed in a way that facilitates courses focused on experiential learning. 


What courses will be offered under this programme?

The syllabus complies with all requirements of the Bar Council of India. In addition, students will mandatorily take a unique set of courses developed by NLSIU at the intersection of law and other disciplines. Students will also choose from a wide range of electives that will allow them to specialize in their areas of interest.

Please note, 75% attendance is mandated for each course offered under the programme.



What career opportunities will be available after I graduate from this programme?

The LLB (Hons) is a professional degree programme and qualifies a student for admission to legal practice. NLSIU graduates have gone on to become judges, leading lawyers, and academics in top universities in India and abroad. Many of them also work in public service including in civil service, international organizations, and NGOs. Corporate law firms and corporate houses recruit directly from the campus. Graduates have also used their law degree as a foundation for careers beyond the law. We are confident that the 3-year programme will equip students with the knowledge, temperament, and skill set to pursue similar careers and to also tread new paths. 


How is the 3-year LLB (Hons) different from the LLM programme?

The two are completely different. The 3-year LL.B (Hons) degree is open to graduates from any discipline. It is a professional law degree and is required to practice as a lawyer. LL.M is an advanced degree in law, to which only law graduates can apply.

What is the fee structure of the programme?

The fee will be similar to the annual fee structure of the 5-year BA LLB (Hons) programme. Visit our 5-year BA LLB (Hons) page here.