Alternate Dispute Resolution

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Board is the student committee entrusted with the responsibility of administering ADR activities in NLSIU. The mandate of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Board encompasses the promotion and conduction of a wide array of dispute resolution mechanisms, relevant to today’s legal scenario. These include Client Counselling, Negotiation and Mediation. ADR as a real life career opportunity in India is challenging, being a relatively new field of legal dispute resolution. To kindle the gradually increasing interest within the NLSIU community and outside, the Board conducts various tournaments to spread awareness, incentivise and recognize talent in this nascent field.

Our flagship NLS Negotiation, Mediation and Client Counselling Competition (NLS NMC) is the first of its kind; hosting Client Counselling, Mediation and Negotiation events simultaneously and with participation from over 250 students from some of the top law schools in the world. Having conducted the national rounds of the Louis M Brown International Client Consultation Competition in the past, the associations for our flagship tournament include being the national representatives for the Law Society of Ireland and its International Negotiation Competition (INC). We further act as the qualifier for the International Chamber of Commerce’s Mediation Competition in Paris and have associations with the J Sagar Associates, Reddy and Reddy Law Firm, RPV Legal and have knowledge partnerships with the Bangalore International Mediation, Arbitration, and Conciliation Centre (BIMACC) and SCC Online.

The ADR Board believes that the untapped potential of ADR is waiting to be harnessed and NMC is one such initiative which attempts to spread awareness about ADR in India. The vision of NMC is twofold. First, to organise a tournament at par with other international negotiation and mediation competitions which would help law students hone their inter-personal skills and second, to familiarise aspiring law students with the area of ADR in order to motivate them to join us in our efforts of furthering the practise of ADR in the country.

The NLS NMC, is one of India’s leading ADR competitions. Started in 2015, the competition has quickly garnered a reputation as an event that adheres to the highest standards. Previous three editions have seen more than 70 teams and 200 student participation, and have brought together lawyers and ADR experts from India and abroad.

The fourth edition of NLS NMC was organised from May 9 – 12, 2018. The Competition consisted of Client Counselling, Negotiation and Mediation segments. All these three segments were conducted simultaneously on all the four days. A total of more than thirty colleges and universities from across the world participated in the Competition. They formed more than seventy teams across various segments.

In furtherance of our objective of facilitating a conducive environment for the advancement of interest amongst students, the Board conducts University Selection Rounds for Client Counselling and Negotiation, and also helps prepare teams for a wide array of international and national tournaments. The internal selection rounds determine students who would represent the Law School at various prestigious competitions, including the likes of Warsaw Negotiation Round, The Negotiation Challenge, Louis M Brown Client Consultation Competition and ICC Mediation Competition. Our university has an unparalleled record when it comes to emerging triumphant in such international dispute resolution events.

The Board endeavours to promote ADR as a credible alternative in the legal system to traditional forms of litigation and its corollary simulation activities. Towards this end, we encourage current students to get acquainted with newer forms of dispute resolution, which are profoundly relevant and necessary, given today’s legal scenario. Workshops and orientations are regularly organized for both incoming batches and external participants. Further training in ADR is imparted through the use of various seminar and credit courses on arbitration law and other similar areas.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Board 2018-19 consists of the following persons:

1. Harsh Srivastava (Convenor)

2. Parv Kaushik (Joint-Convenor)

3. Anahad Narain

4. Anant Khanna

5. Ananya HS

6. Ananya Patwardhan

7. Daksh Kadian

8. Jyotsna Vilva

9. Saurabh Gupta

10. Shambhavi Shivdikar

11. Vihit Shah


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