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Commons Cell, CEERA, NLSIU

Ever since Hugo Grotius characterised the sea as the common heritage of mankind, the “commons” have been the subject of legal enquiry on the international plane, dating back to over five hundred years. It is ironical that a similar attention has not surfaced in the domestic legal sphere. With increased commodification, privatisation and appropriation of the valuable resources of the State, often to the detriment of a overwhelmingly large majority of people, it would become the clear, present and imminent concern of the legal order to arrest the depredation of the “Commons”, and the threat to human rights over such common resources and promote their protection and the conservation.

There is thus a pressing need to rethink about the “Commons” among the legal fraternity to assist the policy makers with a more viable alternative to the existing model for the better management of the resources. In India, this need is NOW greater than at any previous point of time.

The “COMMONS CELL” took birth within the Centre for Environmental Legal Education, Research and Advocacy in the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, to view law in the context of society and for opening up new vistas of legal learning and scholarship in the light of experience.

With a view to developing and enriching the legal learning on the subject with particular reference to India, the Jurisprudence on the subject the “COMMONS CELL” has started identifying the “COMMONS” from the existing legal material for a start.

The Centre in-charge is
Dr. M. K. Ramesh,
Professor of Law, NLSIU.
E-mail : mkramesh@nls.ac.in

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