Student Advocate Committee

The Student Advocate Committee publishes the National Law School of India Review (NLSIR), the flagship law review of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. NLSIR is a student-edited, peer-reviewed law journal published bi-annually, and holds the unique distinction of being cited twice by the Supreme Court of India.


The Student Advocate Committee aims to:
Publish scholarship of the highest calibre in all areas of Indian law, including comparative perspectives that examine Indian law;
Promote accessibility to legal scholarship and discourse;
Encourage deliberation among students, academia, government, industry and non-governmental stakeholders;
Promote original legal writing among law students and young academics.

Our Work

The inception of the Student Advocate Committee and its journal was the result of the visionary ideas of the first batch of students of NLSIU. The Journal’s founding value — to create a “new era in legal education” — has continued on and guided the Editorial Boards for more than three decades. In 2002, the Student Advocate Journal was renamed as the ‘Student Bar Review’, and it continued to bear this label until 2008, when it was once again rechristened to take its present name — the ‘National Law School of India Review’.

From 2007, in a bid to further accomplish its mandate to promote legal discourse in India, NLSIR began publishing two issues annually. Simultaneously, in the same year, it organised the first edition of the annual ‘NLSIR Symposium’. The NLSIR Symposium is the flagship event of the Student Advocate Committee, which seeks to provide a platform for discourse on topical legal issues. It provides an excellent opportunity to discuss recent developments in emerging areas of law and the theoretical and practical ramifications of ongoing legal controversies. The Symposium also serves as the foundation to our second issue each year, which is themed on the Symposium and commonly features articles from panellists. Over the years, the Journal has produced high-quality legal literature on critical issues, authored by eminent jurists, judges, legal practitioners and students.

In keeping with its aims to both contribute to pioneering legal scholarship, as well as promote accessibility to legal writing and discourse, the Journal launched ‘NLSIR Online’ in 2018. NLSIR Online is the online counterpart to NLSIR which is intended to serve as a forum for regular engagement with contemporary legal developments. NLSIR Online features crisp and contemporaneous pieces of shorter length, authored by reputed legal professionals and students of law from across the globe.

Apart from this, the Committee also conducts webinars, workshop sessions etc for law school students to inculcate a culture of academic writing and discussion in the student community. Project Conversion Cell is another initiative of the committee under its aim to promote legal writing, by helping students in improving their writing skills and in publishing projects. To this end, the Committee offers substantive feedback on the projects submitted with comments on how to improve the projects as well as the possible platforms for publishing the same.

Plans for AY 2020-21

  • Regular Engagement with Law School: Towards the end of last year, we held our first webinar on Anti-Arbitration Injunctions. This year due to COVID regular law school engagements have been disrupted. As a result, we plan to engage interactive webinars throughout this year in order to promote engagement with law school community.
  • Increasing Indexing of the NLSIR: We have put in a lot of effort towards the redesigning of our website and bringing our policies at par with internationally reputed journals. Now, we plan this year to increase NLSIR’s indexing with world renowned databases such as SCOPUS and Web of Sciences.
  • Reinvigorating the NLSIR Community: One of the best assets for the NLSIR is its alumni both in terms of authors who have written for us, and its past editors. Therefore, this year we plan to create a thriving forum for the NLSIR alumni to engage with the current board and also contribute more to its success in the future.


There are five positions for which a student can apply in order to join the committee:

  • Members/Editors: Members are chosen based on a selection test, which includes writing an essay on a prescribed topic, line-editing test and a review component, along with past editorial experience or publications.
  • Administrative Member: Administrative member is chosen on the basis of prior experience with financial work and organisational skills along with an interview with the Faculty Advisor.
  • Technical Member
  • Senior Co-opt
  • Junior Co-opt

Editors primarily review the submissions received for the journal, and the other members on the committee shadow review submissions under the guidance of the editors. Everyone in the committee works together on the other activities of the committee, particularly the Symposium, and the webinars, workshop sessions etc.

Committee heads and members for 2020-21:

Editor-in-Chief and Joint Convenor – Kashish Makkar
Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Convenor – Viraj Ananth


  • Prannv Dhawan
  • Rajat Maloo
  • Snehil K. Singh
  • Sreedevi G. Nair
  • Stuti Rai
  • Surbhi Soni
  • Vrishank Singhania
  • Radhika Sarda (Administrative Member)
  • Anchal Bhatheja (Senior Co-opt)
  • Bharat Harne (Senior Co-opt)
  • Kopal Mital (Senior Co-opt)

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