NLSIU Bangalore

Doctor of Laws


Ph.D. in Law obtained through regular mode from any recognized University India or abroad with a minimum 10 (ten) years of Teaching experience or exceptional academic achievements in the field of law. Or An inter-disciplinary Ph.D. in any subject obtained through regular mode from any recognized University in India or abroad with 10 (ten) years of Teaching experience or exceptional achievement in the concerned field along with at least an LL.B. degree.


The candidates are required to carry out research for a minimum period of three years from the date of registration and submit the final thesis within a maximum period of five years. Failure to complete the course within the maximum period of five years, will automatically result in cancellation of registration.

Admission Procedure

a) Application along with the research proposal of about 10 pages to be submitted within the stipulated time

b) The research proposal should contain:

i) Title

ii) Statement of the problem and the background information on the subject

iii) A set of research questions along with Hypothesis & Methodology

iv) A Research Design

c) The research proposal for inter-disciplinary research shall have components which have a bearing on legal aspects.

Selection Process

a) The candidate will be selected by the P.G. Council upon consideration of the presentation of research proposal and the report submitted by the expert panel on the oral presentation.

b) The list of selected candidates as above shall be displayed on the NLSIU website.

c) The candidate secures admission only on payment of requisite fee as notified by the University within the stipulated period, failing which the selection will be cancelled.

d) A candidate who has failed once may apply afresh during the next academic year, and the same procedure mentioned above shall be followed.

e) A candidate who has failed in a second attempt shall not be eligible for any further attempts to seek admission programme in NLSIU. The detailed Regulations relating to M.Phil, Ph.D. and LL.D. are notified on the NLS website.

After the candidate gets admitted to LL.D Programme (Law), the P.G Council depending on the subject specialization, Supervisors are assigned. The Supervisors can be regular Professors. There shall be a Research Advisory Committee for each LL.D.candidate consisting of Supervisor and two members. The Research Supervisor of the candidate shall be the Convener of this Committee. This Committee shall review the research proposal and finalize the topic of research; guide the research scholar to develop the study design and methodology of research and identify the course(s) that he/she may have to do. periodically review and assist in the progress of the research work of the research scholar, evaluate the progress report submitted by the candidate once in six months.

Progress Report Submission and Presentation

There will be two progress reports before a draft thesis is submitted. If particular progress report is not satisfactory the candidate may be asked to resubmit the same. All such presentations shall be ordinarily made before a committee consisting of the Supervisor and two experts identified by the P.G. Council. All progress reports shall be submitted to the examination department, which will transmit the report to the supervisor and fix a date for oral presentation.

Award of Degree

The Degree shall be awarded after completion of all the above process at the time of Annual Convocation. However, the candidate is entitled to take a Provisional Certificate after the results are declared.

Guidelines for Submission of Thesis

a) The length of the thesis should not be less than 200 printed pages (not including footnotes);

b) The thesis to be printed on single side;

c) The thesis should be written in English;

d) The font shall be `Arial’ (12 font size to the body of the text and 10 font to be used for tables, figure, appendices, etc.;)

e) To begin each chapter on a new page;

f) A margin of at least 4 cm to the left, top, bottom and right side may be stick to 2.5 cm;

g) The thesis should be free from grammatical and punctuation errors;

h) Certificate, Declaration, etc. – Formats duly filled in have to be enclosed.

Fee Amount
Registration fee (at the time of admission) Rs. 30,000/-
Course Work Fee (at the time of admission) Rs. 30,000/-
Annual Fee (Every Year within one month from the date of registration, failing which they will have to pay the fine prescribed by the University ) Rs. 25,000/-
Fee for Final Presentation Rs. 50,000/-
Examination Fee (at the time of submission of Thesis) Rs. 20,000/-
Re-submission of thesis Rs. 20,000/-