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  • Research Chairs at NLS aim to advance knowledge in their respective fields through original inquiry, promotion of academic debate and dissemination of the latest research and findings. They play a critical role in strengthening the teaching, research and training capabilities of the University as a whole.


    M.K. Nambiar Chair on Constitutional Law

    One of the leading lawyers of the country Mr. K.K. Venugopal created an endowment in the name of his illustrious father M.K. Nambiar to establish the first Chair on Constitutional Law.

    UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Chair on Refugee Law

    The UNHCR Chair on Refugee Law was established by the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees with the object of promotion of Refugee Law through teaching and research as well as dissemination of information on Refugee Law. An agreement to this effect was signed between UNHCR and the NLSIU on March 21, 1996 . The Chair is established as the Asian Centre for Refugee Law. The activities of the Chair would include coordination and managing studies, research, academic courses, training, curriculum development, publication, dissemination of information and documentation pertaining to Refugee Law within the Law School as well as in collaboration with other scholars, researchers, teachers and institutions. Refugee and Humanitarian Law is being offered as a Seminar Course both at the Under-graduate level and Post-graduate level as well. A few dissertations have been submitted on issues relating to Refugee Law at the Post-graduate level as well.

    IBA-CLE Chair on Continuing Legal Education

    The NLSIU has laid firm foundation in the sphere of Continuing Legal Education programmes. The International Bar Association (IBA) has established an Endowment Chair in this regard. The University has been conducting series of Continuing Legal Education programmes for Lawyers, Judges, Administrators and Law teachers on identified subject areas. Besides, a variety of para legal and public legal education programmes are part of the teaching and research agenda of NLSIU and the CLE unit. In addition to this, IBA-CLE Unit undertakes conduct of Continuing Legal Education programmes on agreed terms, with other organisations. IBA-CLE Unit has conducted many workshops on Advocacy Skills for Junior Advocates in District and Sub-Divisional places of Karnataka.
    Dr. V. Nagaraj, Professor of Law is the Executive Faculty of this Chair.

    The NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) Chair on Human Rights

    The NIHR has entered into an agreement with NHRC to establish the National Human Rights Commission’s Chair on Human Rights at the NLSIU in November, 1998. The Chair envisages an ambitious three-pronged programme of human rights promotion, which largely coincides with the mandate of the NIHR and includes the following :

    • Human Rights Education, which includes, preparation of teaching materials, curriculum preparation and such other related activities ;
    • Research and publications of human rights issues ;
    • Documentation of human rights materials. (Presently NIHR is coordinating)
    ICICI Chair Business Laws

    The ICICI, the leading financial institution in India and abroad has established an Endowment Chair in Business Laws. The activities of the Chair would include initiation of measures to enhance the academic quality in this discipline and also undertaking of fundamental and sponsored reach. The faculty members of NLSIU and indentified group of students constitute the ICICI Research Team.

    Reliance Chair on Corporate Law and Governance

    Reliance Industries Limited has instituted an Endowment Chair on “Corporate Governance”. The Chair will be undertaking extensive fundamental and applied research in the areas of Corporate Governance, Accountability, Corporate Ethics, Shareholder’s Democracy, etc. Dissemination of legal information and law reform are the other two key areas of Chair’s activity.

    Ministry of Commerce Chair on WTO

    The NLSIU has been able to establish a Chair with the assistance and funding by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The Chair designs courses on multilateral trade negotiation skills, International commercial transactions, and international arbitration for students at both the Under-graduate and Post-graduate levels. The Chair also organises Conferences, Seminars and Consultative Meetings for Academics, Professionals, Government officials and the Corporate Sector. Shri Govindraj Hegde holds this Chair.

    Singhania Chair on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

    The NLSIU has established a Chair on ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ instituted by an endowment from M/s. Singhania & Co., New Delhi . The activities of the Chair include teaching, research, training, documentation, publication and establishment of fora for amicable settlement of disputes. This Chair is administered by Dr. V. Nagaraj, Professor of Law, NLSIU.

    V.R. Krishna Iyer Chair on Public Law & Policy Choice

    The V.R. Krishna Iyer Chair has been founded by the V.R. Krishna Iyer Foundation. In the fitness of things, the Chair is to devote to the study and research in public law and policy services.

    Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Chair on Juvenile Justice

    The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has established a Chair on Juvenile Justice at the National Law School with an endowment. The Chair will undertake, coordinate and manage studies, academic courses, training, curriculum development pertaining to Juvenile Justice in particular and Child Rights and interests in general within the University and also in collaboration with other scholars, researchers, teachers, institutions and such other as are set forth. The Chair will also undertake specific research and provide consultancy to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in the area of Juvenile Justice in particular and Child Rights and Interests in general.

    Mr. Kunal Ambasta administers this Chair.

    Ministry of Human Resources Development Chair on Intellectual Property Rights

    The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India has instituted the Chair on Intellectual Property Rights at the NLSIU to promote teaching and research in Intellectual Property Rights. Under this Chair, Outreach programmes in the form of Workshops, training programmes, Roundtables, Conferences are being conducted in addition to offering a Post-Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights under Distance Education Program.

    Dr. T. Ramakrishna, Professor of Law, holds the Chair.

    Ford Foundation Chair on Public Interest Litigation

    The purpose of the Chair is to enable the NLSIU to further conceptualise the study and practice of Public Interest Law in India and in the dissemination of India’s experience world wide, keeping in view the needs and wellbeing of women and disadvantaged sections of society.

    This Chair is administered by Prof. (Dr.) Sarasu Esther Thomas, Professor of Law, NLSIU.

    Allen & Overy Chair on International Financial Law

    M/s.Allen & Overy, a leading International Law firm headquartered in the United Kingdom established the Chair on International Financial Laws.

    The Chair is expected to further the existing linkages between National Law School of India University(NLSIU) and the Bar and will redeem the Law School’s objective of producing : Transnational Lawyers who can cater to the needs of ever changing globalized world.

    Chair on Consumer Law and Practice, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution of India

    In the Indian history for the first time the Chair on Consumer Law and Practice (CLAP) has been established in August 2008, by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi at National Law School of India University, Bangalore to promote research, teaching and training in Consumer Law and Practice.

    The Chair has developed curriculum on Consumer Welfare laws as distinct subject of study both at Under Graduate & Post Graduate levels and is imparting to the students in law at NLSIU. The Chair has been publishing a International Journal entitled ‘International Journal on Consumer Law and Practice (ISSN 2347-2731) bi-annual Newsletter viz., ‘March on Consumer Law and Practice’ (ISSN 0975-9700) containing the brief report on the activism of the Chair, Legal developments in the field of Consumer Affairs, summary of leading judicial decisions of the Supreme Court, High Courts as well as the National Commission and State Commissions. The newsletter is also published in the electronic format and is been uploaded on the website (http;// periodically to facilitate access to this information free of cost. The Chair is also performing the functions such as providing expert inputs for formulating of policy/programs/schemes of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India; identifying and disseminating best practices in the field of Consumer Protection Laws and Practice; publishing books, monographs, pamphlets, research studies to fill up existing knowledge gap. Periodically the chair has been organizing Seminars/workshops/conferences, short term training programs for the law teachers, NGOs and other stake holders of the society on consumer related issues at National/Regional levels. The Chair has published a books titled “25 years of Consumer Protection Act- Challenges and the Way Forward” and “Misleading Advertisements and Unfair Trade Practice in India: A Critical Case Analysis”.

    The Chair has started a one year course on ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Consumer Law & Practice’ (PGDCLP) through Distance Education mode. The PGDCLP course is aimed at sensitizing people about the Consumer Rights. This course provides opportunity for candidates to receive advanced instructions in the relationship and interplay between existing consumers’ relating to legislation and changing scenario. The diploma is specially designed to meet the needs of those whose education has been in the field other than law and who would like to supplement their database with in-depth knowledge of consumer laws. The Secretary Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India recommended all District Forum Non Judicial Members to undergo the PGDCLP Course.

    The activity of the Consumer Chair has been recognized at the International level by conferring the membership of prestigious ‘Consumer International’ (CI) 2013 to strive at higher goals at the International level. The Chair has also entered the Memorandum of Understanding with many foreign Universities.

    This Chair is administered by Prof. (Dr.) Ashok R. Patil, Chair Professor, Chair on Consumer on Consumer Law and Practice, NLSIU.

    Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA) Chair on Urban Poor and the Law

    The Chair on Urban Poor and the Law is established in the Law School with the vision of engaging the concerned to address the problems of the subaltern in the urban milieu & explore for solutions through law. The Chair was instituted by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation ( HUPA) and National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore on 30th March 2012. In pursuit of the vision statement, chair is engaged in the following activities

    • Policy Intervention: To serve as a Brain Trust and Laboratory for the development of the Jurisprudence on the subject, through research, review and refinement of legislative drafts and policy formulations and publications undertaken by the Ministry from time to time.
    • Legal Capacity Enhancement Endeavours: To serve as the centre for equipping and enhancing the Legal Capacity of all those engaged in the management and administration of the subject of Endowment (by offering training in the knowledge and application of law on the subject and also expose the trainees to the best practices around the globe).
    • Dissemination of Legal Knowledge and its application on the subject: To serve as the forum and medium (through conferences, seminars, round table, journal publication etc.) for the dissemination of legal knowledge on the subject and its application.
    • Introduction of Course on Urban Poor and the Law in select Law Schools and Colleges in India: To carry out academic training programmes and organize reading and research materials, for the teachers of different law schools and enable them to introduce a Course on the subject, including on Housing/Real Estate Law, as part of the curriculum.

    The Chair is administered by Prof. M K Ramesh, Professor of Law, NLSIU.

    Department of Revenue Chair

    The Department of Revenue Chair set up by the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, GOI at NLSIU with a vision to carry out the following tasks:

    • Teaching at NLSIU: Impart training in the field of taxation (particularly indirect taxation) to the students of NLSIU;
    • Capacity building of the Dept of Revenue Officers: Prepare training modules/manuals for the Dept of Revenue Officers and assist in imparting training to the departmental officers in coordination with the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACIN), Faridabad;
    • Undertake research in areas of interest to the Department of Revenue.