CON102 | Contracts II

Course Information

  • 2019-20
  • CON102
  • 5-Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)
  • I
  • Mar 2020
  • Core Course

The law of special contracts plays an important role in commercial transactions, particularly with the advent of the modern enterprises which, by a legal fiction, is regarded as having personality and may enter into transactions in its own right. Even with individuals, it will often be easier to transact through intermediaries.  Accordingly, much day to day commercial transacting is facilitated by intermediaries acting within the scope of the authority that has been conferred on them whether expressly or by implication. Special contract are widely used in the commercial world and they deserve special attention in legal curriculum. Contract-II comprises of some special contracts namely, contract of Indemnity and Guarantee, Bailment, Agency and Partnership. The present course also consists of Law relating to Sale of Goods,. For tracing the development of Contract law, new challenges from LLP, JV agreement, Franchisee contracts, sport contracts, University contracts, PPP projects, escrow agreements, standard forms of contracts, Insurance and consumer contracts shall be taken up for discussion.

Course Coverage: Special Contracts such as contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee, Bailment, Agency and Partnership, standard form of contracts, Contracts of Bailment, Pledge and Hypothecation, Contracts of Agency, Sale of Goods, Partnership, , Escrow and Franchisee Agreements, PPP, University and Sports Contracts, Commercial and Consumer contracts.

Students will have a broad understanding of the principles of the law of special contracts and be able to demonstrate their understanding and application of the principles in the diverse situations in the field of special contracts.

Teaching Method: The Course will be taught by delivering Lecture, engaging the students in class room discussion and case law analysis using Socratic Method and in addition a response paper will be given after completion of 1st module.
The Course is divided into 3 Modules to be taught over a period of 10 weeks


Dr. Sairam Bhat

Professor of Law