NLS Faculty Seminars

Knocking on the Doors: India’s Challenges in Accessing Legal Services 

January 19, 2022

Speakers: Varsha Aithala, Doctoral Candidate, NLSIU; and Karthik Suresh, Candidate for the European Master in Law and Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Cartel Leniency Program in India – Why No Race Here?

December 22, 2021

Speaker:  Prof. (Dr.) T.S. Somashekar, Professor of Economics, NLSIU

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Mapping the Elements of an Ambedkarite Jurisprudence 

December 15, 2021

Speaker: Arvind Narrain, Visiting Faculty, NLSIU

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The Meld Model: The Holy Grail of Indian Corporate Jurisprudence

December  1, 2021

Speaker: Rahul Singh, Associate Professor of Law, NLSIU

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Studying cyber crime awareness and victimisation among female students and IT professionals in Karnataka – An Overview of the Research Methodology

November 17, 2021

Speaker: Tasneem Deo, Visiting Faculty, NLSIU

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Legal Barriers to Accessing Safe Abortion Services in India: A Fact-Finding Study

September 29, 2021

Speaker: Dr. Aparna Chandra, Associate Professor, NLSIU

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Marking the Market : Municipalizing Calcutta’s Spaces of Exchange

September 8, 2021.

Speaker: Dr. Anwesha Ghosh, Assistant Professor, History, NLSIU

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Designed for Abuse: Special Criminal Laws and Rights of the Accused

August 25, 2021

Speaker: Kunal Ambasta, Assistant Professor of Law, NLSIU

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Shreya Shree

Revered ‘Routines’ in Medical Examination of Rape Accused

August 18, 2021

Speaker: Shreya Shree, Assistant Professor of Law, NLSIU

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Introduction: Liberalism and Its Encounters in India

August 11, 2021

Speakers: Dr. Atreyee Majumder, Assistant Professor, Sociology, and Dr. R. Krishnaswamy

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Rape adjudication in India in the aftermath of Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013: Findings from trial courts of Delhi

APRIL 7, 2021

Speaker: Preeti Pratishruti Dash, Assistant Professor of Law, NLSIU

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Mrinal Satish

Religious Penal Clauses in Context: Country Studies in Common Law Asia

March 24, 2021

Speaker: Dr. Mrinal Satish, Professor of Law, NLSIU

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All that Glitters…Recent Law Reforms and their Impact on Child Marriages

March 10, 2021

Speaker: Dr. Sarasu Esther Thomas, Registrar & Professor of Law, NLSIU

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Rahul Singh

Whither Evidence (Act) based reasoning?: Towards an Effects-based Approach in Indian Competition Jurisprudence

January 20, 2021

Speaker: Rahul Singh, Associate Professor of Law, NLSIU

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Sushmita Pati

In the Shadows of the State: How Rent Shape Our Cities

January 6, 2021

Speaker: Dr. Sushmita Pati, Assistant Professor of Law, NLSIU

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Cross-Border Data Access for Law Enforcement: What Are India’s Strategic Options?

December 2, 2020 

Speaker: Smriti Parsheera, NLS ‘LLB 2006, is a researcher at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi, and a Fellow with the CyberBRICS Project hosted by the FGV Law School, Brazil.

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Manjeri Subin Sunder Raj

Why Not Nature Rights? 

Jan 8, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Manjeri Subin, Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc), NLSIU

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The Hocus Pocus of Corporate Purpose and the Visible Hand of the State – Insights from India’s CSR Experience

December 18, 2019

Speaker: Akshaya Kamalnath, Lecturer (Corporate Law),  AUT Law School, Auckland

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Competition Regulation in Two-Sided Markets: The Indian Experience

December 11, 2019

Speaker: Akash Krishnan, Teaching Associate (Economics), NLSIU

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An Unclear Empiricism: A Review of the Death Penalty India Report

December 4, 2019

Speaker: Kunal Ambasta, Assistant Professor, NLSIU

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