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Every event will have points that will add to the Leaderboard. The College at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the Academic Year will be declared the University Champion and will hold the rolling trophy. The University maintains a digital Boards of Honour for the University Championships.

Event Date Type Andromeda Aquila Orion Phoenix
Football Tournament Nov 20, 2023 Inter-college 37.5 100 75 37.5
Participation Points Nov 20, 2023 Inter-college 16 18 21 15
Dance-Solo/duet & Group Nov 11th 2023 Inter-college 125 150 75 150
Participation Points Nov 11th 2023 Inter-college 11 16 17 12
College Basketball Sep 20, 2023 Inter-college 137.5 112.5 175 75
Music - Singing & Instrumental Sep 2, 2023 Inter-college 50 150 0 400
Online photography Aug 24-27, 2023 Inter-college 0 25 50 175
College Volleyball Aug 30, 2023 Inter-college 112.5 112.5 75 200
Drawing & Painting Aug 19, 2023 Inter-college 125 0 175 200
NLS QShala Aug 16, 2023 Inter-college 0 150 25 75
College Table Tennis Jul 29-30, 2023 Inter-college 75 37.5 37.5 100
College Badminton Jul 30, 2023 Inter-college 37.5 37.5 100 75

Student Events

NLSIU Inter College Volleyball Tournament Results

December 2023

Winter Carnival

December 27, 2023. | 6 - 9 pm

Basketball Court

College Heads | AY 2023-24

The Heads of College are responsible for delivering the objectives of the collegiate system, and will work closely with the Student Welfare Team, SBA Co-Presidents and SBA Committees. The elected College Heads for AY 2023-24 are:

1. Balamugunth J and Nathaniel Jordan Wariji | Andromeda
2. Himanshi and Ishan Goel | Aquila
3. Kedar Manoj Ammanji and Ananya Nair | Orion
4. Kanishka Gunjiyal and Harshal Bharatkumar Baviskar | Phoenix

Want to know more about the key principles and objectives of the collegiate system at NLSIU?

College Leadership

1. College Mentor: The College Mentor is a faculty member who will mentor the College for an academic year and provide guidance to the Heads of College. The College Mentors will not be part of the College permanently but assigned each AY to provide a Faculty – College interface.

2. Heads of College: Each College shall elect two Heads of College by direct vote of the members. The term for a Head of College is one year. The Heads of College must reflect the diversity of the College’s student body. Each College will necessarily have two Heads to achieve the following combination:

  • One Member from the BA LLB (Hons) programme, and the other Member from a programme other than BA LLB (Hons);
  • One of the positions shall be reserved for students who are women or belong to a gender minority, and the other position may be filled by any student.

University Championship

The Colleges will compete for the University Championship over the course of the Academic Year. Every event will have points that will add to the Leaderboard for the Championship. SBA Committees will organise the events across three broad categories:

1. Intramural: Teams will participate under the respective College banner and will compete in the designated events. Each College will select and send one team to an intramural competition.

2. Open Events: For Open Events co-organised by the University, students will participate in an individual capacity and can form teams with members from other Colleges. There is no restriction on the number of participants from any College.

3. Inter-University Competitions: University teams are selected based on performance in intramural or open events. These teams will be eligible to participate in Inter-University Competitions. In case the team wins at the inter-University level, all members of the winning team will contribute to the Leaderboard points of their respective college.