Financial Aid for Students

NLSIU sustains itself on the revenues from fees received from academic programmes including distance education programmes, research and consultancy projects and other related activities. Student fees from the on-campus academic programmes do not meet the expenses incurred to deliver these programmes. Hence, all students enrolled in on-campus academic programmes are subsidised by the University.

Students are admitted to NLSIU based on their academic performance in the admission process. The University has adopted an inclusion policy that ensures that students from diverse social, linguistic and economic backgrounds from across India benefit from a rigorous and transformative education. The admission process does not take into account the financial background of the applicant. Further, the University is committed to supporting every student admitted to an academic programme to continue their studies irrespective of financial constraints. This Financial Aid Policy sets out the University’s approach to delivering on this commitment.

Financial Aid at the University is of three main types:

  1. University Aid which is administered and funded by University managed funds
  2. External Aid which is administered by the University but funded by third parties
  3. Third-Party Aid that is facilitated by the University but administered and funded by third parties

Read the Financial Aid Policy

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Third-Party Aid:

The University offers a number of external scholarship options to our students. These include private scholarships as well as those offered under the National Scholarship Portal and the State Government Scholarship Portal. For more details, view List of External Scholarships

PhD Scholarships:

Dr N R Madhava Menon Scholarship
Thakur Foundation Scholarship in Public Health and the Law

Scholarships Instituted in 2021:

Ajoy Halder Memorial Scholarship 
Col. Prakash Manik Bhat Memorial Scholarship
Ajoy Halder THB Scholarship

Education Loans

Short-term Loans

The University has engaged with the FinTech organisation ‘Payed’ to extend education loans to students:

Long-term Loans

The University has engaged with Punjab National Bank for education loans: