Campus Life Mural - National Law School of India University, Bengaluru

Student Clubs & Activities


Students can choose from a range of associations and clubs to join and discover community on campus. Some associations have been set up by the University, and enjoy a reputation of having included members, several of whom are now alumni who have made significant strides in their careers. Similarly, there are many other student-led initiatives and clubs that have been formed on campus, many of which are aligned with contemporary issues, concerns and interests. Students are encouraged to participate in ‘Univ Week’ and other campus hosted festivals, including the well known music festival, Strawberry Fields.

NLSIU also has a rich and vibrant tradition of student-managed and edited journals. Read more about the journals here.

Student Committees

The Student Bar Association or SBA helps organise several activities, conferences and festivals through its sub-committees. The Sports Committee organises SPIRITUS, the University’s annual sports fest which attracts massive participation from across India . The Cultural Committee is responsible for organising a number of intra-college events like the Art Mela,  Playfest, MadAdz, Movie Spoofs, Western Music and Dance, Eastern Music and Dance. The Committee also organises inter-collegiate events like LeGala and ADMIT ONE -the only international level theatre festival.

List of Student Committees:

  1. Academic Support Programme (ASP)
  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution Board
  3. Campus Development & Management Committee (CDMC)
  4. Council for International Relations and International Law (CIRIL)
  5. Cultural and Fine Arts Committee (Cul Comm)
  6. Entrepreneur Cell (E-Cell)
  7. Event Management Committee(EMC)
  8. Finance Committee
  9. Law & Society Committee (‘Law Soc’)
  10. Law & Technology Society (L-Tech)
  11. Legal Services Clinic (LSC)
  12. Literary and Debating Society (LnD)
  13. Moot Court Society (MCS)
  14. Society for Non-Human Persons
  15. Sports Committee
  16. Student Initiative for Promotion of Legal Awareness (SIPLA)

Student Collectives:

  1. Disability Support Group (DSG)
  2. NLS Feminist Alliance (NLSFA)
  3. NLS Queer Alliance (NLSQA)
  4. Savitri Phule Ambedkar Caravan (SPAC)

Reach out to or , for more information on such activities on NLSIU campus.