Giving Month | February 2022

Introduction to Giving Month

January 29, 2022 

Alongside providing the alumni community updates on various initiatives at the University, Giving Month is another initiative to invite alumni support in jointly achieving the University’s development goals. This year, Giving Month will run through the month of February with each week focusing on a different avenue of growth for the University.

Each week of February will delve deeper on a separate focus track for the University’s development: Research and Teaching; Physical Infrastructure; Sustainability and Student Welfare; Student Financial Aid.

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Research at NLSIU

January 31, 2022 

The National Law School of India University was established in 1986 to pioneer legal education reform and anchor the transformation of the Indian legal system through research and policy interventions.

NLSIU is actively developing and reorganising its research infrastructure. Research at NLSIU is primarily carried out through its Centres, Chairs, multi-year research projects, and through individual faculty initiatives.

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Research Degrees at NLSIU

February 2, 2022 

National Law School of India University’s pursuit of academic excellence goes hand-in-hand with efforts in raising our research output quality to the highest standards. The University is committed to training and supporting senior scholars who are pursuing their higher research degrees with us.

Candidates of the highest calibre have enrolled and completed research degrees at the University since 1993, when NLSIU launched its first Ph.D programme. The Ph.D programmes form the anchor around which the University’s research profile is built.

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Strengthening Access To Legal Scholarship

February 3, 2022 

Continuing our focus track on the University’s research and teaching initiatives, we spoke to our Journals Editor, Nishtha Vadehra, on the University’s plans to establish an open access infrastructure for NLS publications that responds to the needs of researchers, faculty and students at the University and showcases their work in the best way possible.

In this interview, Nishtha sheds light on the significance and key elements of this open-access infrastructure, including the introduction of Digital Commons to power the University’s repository, revitalising of journals, and streamlining of editorial and review processes at NLSIU.

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Building NLSIU’s Teaching and Research Capacity

February 4, 2022 

For years, the National Law School of India University has been the frontrunner in legal education and academics. Today, as the study of law evolves into a combination of education and research, NLSIU is taking constructive steps to increase its research capacity and bolster the process of aligning academic and research outputs at the University.

Recent developments on this front include faculty hiring and several research projects which are underway. The University looks forward to having a critical mass of professors and active full-time researchers on campus.

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Highlights of NLSIU’s Redevelopment Master Plan

February 7, 2022 

In this week of Giving Month, we take you through the plans envisioned for the University campus in the next 3-4 years.

As we implement our Inclusion and Expansion Plan 2021-25, student and faculty presence at NLS will incrementally grow to 3x and 2x respectively, and the campus will have to accommodate a larger community. Our experience during the pandemic has reaffirmed that everyone benefits from larger, more open spaces on campus. To enhance the lived experience for the NLSIU community, the University has commissioned a Master Plan for the redevelopment of the existing campus.

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Infrastructural Upgrades on the NLSIU Campus

February 9, 2022 

With a commitment to preserving key elements of the existing campus, the University has recently undertaken several measures to upgrade campus facilities. To accommodate a student body of 1,600+ by 2025, we have embarked on adding 210,000 square feet of residence and dining space, 22 classrooms, a sports facility, student centre and other common spaces on campus.

In this piece, we take a look at some of the infrastructural renovations and improvements on campus that are planned, completed or are currently underway at the University.

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Academic Block: Through The Years

February 10, 2022 

The Academic Block, built in 1991, is one of the earliest structures constructed on the Nagarabhavi campus after the University shifted from the Central College premises. To many generations of students who have graduated from the University, this Academic Block epitomized the life of the law school as it has been a primary hub of academic and extra-curricular activity for decades. If students were not in their hostels, they would be in this block. And when we ask our alumni about their NLS experience, the Quad in this block finds definite mention in most of their responses!

As this block resonates so highly with the University’s identity and its activities, NLSIU has plans to improve and enhance the Academic Block while continuing to preserve key elements of the building.

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Pathways to Sustainability at NLSIU

February 14, 2022 

Environmental sustainability is at the core of NLSIU’s plans to redesign and further develop its campus in 2022 and the years ahead. The University has already taken its incremental first steps toward carbon neutrality through various initiatives. Our objective is to make NLS a ‘net zero campus’ on energy, water and waste in a phased manner.

To set these plans in motion, NLSIU recently conducted a preliminary environmental audit on campus for energy, water, waste and air management. Based on the findings, the University has planned further interventions on campus. Here are some of the sustainability measures presently implemented at NLSIU.

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Reducing Barriers: Accessibility at NLSIU

February 17, 2022 

NLSIU strives to provide an accessible working and learning environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities. Apart from making the physical infrastructure and its basic facilities accessible, the University has implemented advanced assistive measures, including technology-enabled services to enrich the learning experience of persons with disabilities on campus.

As NLSIU develops the campus in line with the Redevelopment Master Plan, accessibility will be a crucial focus during further interventions.

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Inclusivity and Diversity at NLSIU

February 19, 2022 

One of the fundamental tenets of providing transformational education at NLSIU is ensuring inclusivity on campus. The University endeavours to provide every student with a safe space along with opportunities to thrive.

As a starting point, the process of admission into the University can offer access to our classrooms to a wider set of students. As part of the NLSIU Inclusion and Expansion Plan 2021-25, the University will admit students from various marginalized and disadvantaged sections while expanding the overall University student intake in a phased manner.

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NLSIU’s Commitment to Student Financial Aid

February 21, 2022 

NLSIU ​​aims to ensure that students from diverse social, linguistic and economic backgrounds from across India benefit from its rigorous and transformative education. To that extent, the University, as a part of its inclusion policy, is dedicated to offering financial and academic support programmes to its students. NLSIU is committed to supporting every student admitted to its programmes in continuing their education irrespective of their financial background and constraints.

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Advanced Degrees at NLSIU

February 23, 2022 

NLSIU offers two advanced  post-graduate programmes, the Master of Law (LLM) and Master of Public Policy (MPP). By attracting talented individuals who want to participate in making a difference in the law and policy landscape in the country, these programmes are vital to the University’s contribution to Indian legal profession and policy making, as well as nurturing the interdisciplinary pedagogy and diversity at the University. We are committed to strengthening its corpus for need-based financial aid for these advanced programmes to ensure that no student has to compromise on their opportunity to study at the University.

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Financial Aid for LLB Programmes

February 25, 2022 

NLSIU pioneered the B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) programme to provide a strong foundation for students to commence an education in law directly after school, and for the graduates to then pursue professional pathways before courts or in private practice, research or academia. The flagship programme has delivered transformative education to 29 cohorts of students since its commencement in 1988, and the 30th batch of this flagship programme will graduate in 2022.

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Giving Back – A Bridge that connects Alumni with NLSIU

February 26, 2022 

​In 2021, alumni instituted a number of named scholarships for NLSIU students, including the Ajoy Halder THB Scholarship, Col. Prakash Manik Bhat Memorial Scholarship and Class of 1995 Scholarship for Menon Scholars, with commitments totaling Rs 67 lakhs. The University’s first systematic alumni fundraising campaign, which aimed at raising a conservative Rs 15 lakh in three weeks, saw participation from over 50 alumni across the globe. Their cumulative contribution for student financial aid came up to Rs 15.7 lakhs.

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NLSIU Successfully Wraps up First Alumni Giving Month

March 12, 2022 

NLSIU ran its first alumni Giving Month campaign during February 2022, as an initiative to communicate updates on recent developments at the University to essential stakeholders, our alumni. We envisage Giving Month as an annual event to present regular updates as the University implements its Inclusion and Expansion 2021-25. Giving Month allows interested alumni to lend support in jointly achieving NLSIU’s development goals.

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