Campus Life Mural - National Law School of India University, Bengaluru

Conduct & Safety

The University takes safety on campus very seriously and aims to create an inclusive and nurturing environment for all students. The safety and well-being of students and staff at the University is of the highest priority. As the student population may be diverse, the University is continually working towards the implementation of policies and measures aimed at providing safe spaces to students from all backgrounds and experiences.

The NLSIU Principles of Conduct 2002 state that the consumption or possession of alcohol, drugs, narcotics/psychotropic or similar substances is prohibited on the University premises. Violation of these principles within the University precincts will invite strict disciplinary action.

Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Committee: Students are requested to read NLSIU’s Principles of Conduct. Please visit this page for more information. To complain, please write to .

Ragging: Ragging is strictly banned, attracts serious repercussions from the University administration. Please visit this page for more information. To complain, please write to .

Sexual Harassment Policy: The University has in place a code to combat sexual harassment on campus.
Please visit this page for more information. To complain please write to .

Equal Opportunity Cell: The EOC addresses issues relating to marginalisation and exclusion of minority groups, including those based on caste, religion, ethnicity, sexuality and gender. Please visit this page for more information. To report grievances, please write to .

Guidance on mental health: Please visit the Mental Health and Emotion Well-Being section here. You may also write to our Students Affairs Officer ()

Committee specific grievances may also be emailed to:
Office of Student Affairs ()
Student Bar Association ()

Residence Life Policy: Students are expected to adhere to the NLSIU Residence Life Policy. For any queries or complaints related to hostels, please write to . You can also read the Procedure for NLSIU Residence Life Disciplinary Proceedings for further details.

Lost & Found Policy: The Lost and Found Policy is intended to ensure that items reported lost or found on the University’s campus are properly accounted for, and in the case of items found, returned to their rightful owner. Read NLSIU’s Lost & Found Policy here. For queries, please write to

General Complaints: Students facing issues with regard to IT, Hostel, Library, Transport, etc. can log in to to raise queries.
Further details on IT policies can be accessed here.

All complaints are treated seriously and will be resolved as early as possible. Any issues with registration and execution of complaints can be reported to .