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Campus Life & Safety

Welcome to NLSIU!

NLSIU is a fully residential learning community. We aim to offer all our students the benefits of belonging to a vibrant and diverse student community – both inside and outside the classroom.

Situated in Nagarbhavi, Bangalore, NLSIU sits on a lush green campus of 23 acres that offers ample space for students to unwind after a day of intense learning. The campus comprises an academic block, student hostels, faculty quarters, a state-of-the-art library, canteens, a health centre, gym facilities, and discussion rooms among other spaces for academic and community based activities.

Hostel Accommodation

Male students: Ganga, Cauvery, Himalaya and Hoogli are the hostels for men.

Female students: Nilgiris, Narmada, Yamuna, Gangotri, Vindhyas (Annexe block) and Annapoorna (Mess Block) are the hostels for women.

First year students: Students of the first year are generally provided separate accommodation and allotted shared rooms.

Second year and upwards:
Students may choose between:
Triple-seater rooms which may be partitioned into cubicles with a curtain;
Twin-seater rooms
Single rooms


  • Each student is provided a cot, cupboard, chair and desk
  • Hot water and Laundry facilities
  • 24*7 Electricity and Internet Connectivity
  • Please note, students are advised to bring their own mattresses, curtains and bed-linen, as well as blankets and warm clothing for cold weather during November-January.
  • The wardens stay on campus and students are free to approach them regarding any problem, inconvenience, or ill health.

Find your Community:

Studying and living on campus can be a uniquely enriching experience for any student, and can depend greatly on the relationships and interaction they have with their peers. Student life is organized by self governing student groups. Students are encouraged to participate in campus initiatives and community based events that include cultural activities, student led associations, food festivals, and more. For more details on student activities, visit our Clubs & Activities Page.

Conduct & Safety on campus

The University takes safety on campus very seriously and aims to create an inclusive and nurturing environment for all students. As the student population may be diverse, the University is continually working towards the implementation of policies and measures aimed at providing safe spaces to students from all backgrounds and experiences.

Code of Conduct: Students are requested to read the Code of Conduct. To complain, please write to .

Ragging: Ragging is strictly banned, attracts serious repercussions from the University administration. Please visit this page for more information. To complain, please write to .

Sexual Harassment Policy: The University has in place a code to combat sexual harassment on campus.
Please visit this page for more information. To complain please write to .

Equal Opportunity Cell: The EOC addresses issues relating to marginalisation and exclusion of minority groups, including those based on caste, religion, ethnicity, sexuality and gender. To report grievances, please write to For more information, visit this page.

General Complaints: Students facing issues with regard to IT, Hostel, Library, Transport, etc. can raise queries here.

Hostel Policies: Students are expected to adhere to the NLSIU hostel rules. For any queries or complaints related to hostels, please write to

Guidance on mental health: Please visit the Mental Health and Emotion Well-Being section here. You may also write to our Students Affairs Officer (/)

Committee specific grievances may also be emailed to:
Office of Student Affairs ()
Student Bar Association ()

All complaints are treated seriously and will be resolved as early as possible. Any issues with registration and execution of complaints can be reported to .