The following links provide information on University resources for NLSIU students.

General Information 

  • Map & Directions– For students who are new to the city or need help in reaching the NLSIU campus, click on the link for directions.
  • NLS Portal – For administrative access to the NLS student portal.
  • NLSIU Rules & Regulations – Download a copy of the relevant rule or regulation by visiting this page.
  • People Directory – Explore more about the NLS community here.
  • Financial Aid for Students – View scholarship options and education loans available for students in need of financial assistance.
  • Medical Services – Visit this page for details on the medical facilities, medical insurance policy for students,  and other health related services offered to the NLS community.
  • Mental Health & Well-being – Visit this page to know more about the mental health and counselling services available to the community.
  • Accessibility – Here are some measures undertaken by NLS to ensure an accessible and welcoming environment for all persons with disabilities.
  • NLSIU Lost & Found Policy – The Lost and Found Policy is intended to ensure that items reported lost or found on the University’s campus are properly accounted for, and in the case of items found, returned to their rightful owner.

Academic Information

  • Committees & Chairs – An overview of NLSIU’s structure with regard to various aspects of the  University.
  • Course Catalogue – Browse through the various courses offered by NLSIU.
  • Academic Support Programme (ASP) – Visit the ASP page to find out about the efforts toward equal academic opportunities across the NLS student community.
  • Library Portal – Visit our newly launched library portal to find all University’s library resources and services in a more organised, user-friendly and accessible manner.

Conduct & Safety

All complaints on such issues are treated seriously and will be resolved as early as possible. Any issues in registration and execution of complaints can be reported to .

Campus Activities

Student Committees

Student Collectives