The following links provide information on University resources for NLSIU students.

General Information 

  • Map & Directions– For students who are new to the city or need help in reaching the NLSIU campus, click on the link for directions.
  • NLS Portal – For administrative access and fee payments, login to the NLS portal.
  • NLSIU Rules & Regulations – Download a copy of the relevant rule or regulation by visiting this page.
  • Financial Aid for Students – View scholarship options and education loans available for students in need of financial assistance.
  • NLSIU Health Services – Visit this page for details on the Medical Insurance Policy for students, as well as mental health & counselling services offered to the NLS community.
  • COVID Resource – Visit this page for concerns regarding returning to campus, and campus safety measures during the COVID pandemic.
  • Accessibility – Here are some measures undertaken by NLS to ensure an accessible and welcoming environment for all persons with disabilities.

Academic Information

  • Course Catalog – Browse through the various courses offered by NLSIU.
  • Orientation 2021 – The Orientation for AY 2021-22 was conducted online with sessions spread across four days. Check out the schedule here.
  • Academic Support Program (ASP) – Visit the ASP page to find out about the efforts toward equal academic opportunities across the NLS student community.
  • Library Portal – Visit our newly launched library portal to find all University’s library resources and services in a more organised, user-friendly and accessible manner.

Conduct & Safety

All complaints on such issues are treated seriously and will be resolved as early as possible. Any issues in registration and execution of complaints can be reported to .

Campus Activities

  • Student Bar Association (SBA) – All students enrolled in the full-time academic programmes at the University are members of the Student Bar Association (SBA). Click on the link for more information.
  • SBA Office Bearers List – View the full list of student officers of the SBA.

Student Committees