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Podcast Interview with Dr. Mrinal Satish | “The Image of the Good Victim” | Ashoka University’s Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality

May 25, 2023

NLS faculty member Dr. Mrinal Satish has been featured in a podcast developed by Young India Fellows in tandem with Ashoka University’s Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality. The podcast episode is titled: “The image of the good victim” as part of the Sexual Justice Project.

Abstract (Source: Spotify)

This first episode of The Sexual Justice Project focuses on the theme of Sexual Authorship. Through the episode, we examine the court’s usage of terms such as modesty, honour, chastity/purity, dignity, consent & agency as seen in cases of sexual assault, sexual harassment & marital rape laws in India. Through this, we examine the ability individuals have to exert their sexual identity, and practising their sexual choices; as are integral parts of holding authorship. The central question being addressed through the episode is: “The imagery of the ‘good victim’: How the court uses the understanding of ‘modesty’ & ‘chastity’ to dismiss & disembody the experiences of women?” We are a group of five Young India Fellows who have developed this podcast in tandem with the Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality, Ashoka University’s existing project aimed at Mapping Sexuality in India. This podcast attempts to (un)cover the many spots which the Indian law misses to hit when it comes to gender and sexual justice in the country.

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Listen to the podcast here.