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NLS is home to several interdisciplinary journals that have carried articles by leading scholars and experts over the years, and been cited by the Supreme Court on several occasions. The journals have a commitment to open access and the promotion of legal writing, and occupy an important space in legal academia in India.

National Law School Journal

The National Law School Journal (NLSJ) is the flagship journal of NLSIU and it is one of the earliest legal journals to be published in India under the leadership of the founding Director Padma Bhushan Prof. (Dr.) Madhava Menon.  The year 2019 was of immense significance to the Journal as it marked the completion of 20 years of NLSJ.

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National Law School of India Review

The National Law School of India Review (NLSIR) is the flagship law review of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. NLSIR is student edited, peer-reviewed law journal published bi-annually, which holds the unique distinction of being cited twice by the Supreme Court of India.

NLSIR aims to:

  • Publish scholarship of the highest calibre in all areas of Indian law, including comparative perspectives that examine Indian law
  • Promote accessibility to legal scholarship and discourse
  • Encourage deliberation among academia, government, industry and non-governmental stakeholders
  • Promote original legal writing among law students and young academics.
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NLS Business Law Review

The NLS Business Law Review is an annual, open-access, peer-reviewed commercial law journal run by the students of the National Law School of India University and published by the Eastern Book Company.

The NLS Business Law Review intends to recognise and foster academic research and scholarship in commercial law by examining the myriad regulatory frameworks, domestic or international, that impact doing business in India or globally. We particularly welcome submissions applying comparative international perspectives. The mandate of the NLS Business Law Review thus, inter alia, includes company law, securities and capital markets regulation, banking and finance, taxation, foreign investment, competition law, commercial dispute resolution, contract and commercial law, and employment law.

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Socio-Legal Review (SLR)

The Socio-Legal Review (SLR) is a student-run, double blind peer-reviewed journal, of the National Law School of India University (NLSIU). It has been cited by the Supreme Court multiple times. SLR has carried articles by luminaries in the legal and social fields, including Roger Cotterrell, W.T. Murphy, Werner Menski, Asghar Ali Engineer, Pratiksha Baxi and Gina Heathcote. It has a broad mandate and looks at any articles with a perceivable link between law and society, particularly in a South Asian context.

Contact: Please visit our website for more information about the journal and its submission guidelines or for access to past issues. For any queries, please contact .

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IN LAW Magazine

IN Law Magazine caters to contributions on emerging and contemporary areas of legal research and was initially started as a quarterly magazine and later on turned into an annually published magazine. With an ISSN No. 2349-624X, it was started by the Centre for Environmental Law Education, Research and Advocacy in the year 2015 and is currently in the process of bringing out Volume 6 for the year 2020. Catering to various topics and themes of law, the IN LAW Magazine has had few special issues focusing on the climate challenge and its legal, regulatory and policy challenges, and, enforcement trends in arbitral awards. The Magazine contains diverse sections with opinions and interviews of jurists, review of latest law books, relevant legal news and announcements. It endeavors to deliver socially engaged legal education while maintaining academic and professional standards.

Journal on Environmental Law Policy and Development (JELPD)

The Journal of Environmental Law Policy and Development, an annual peer reviewed journal of the Centre for Environmental Law Education, Research and Advocacy has released six volumes and is in the process of releasing the seventh volume. Over the years the Journal has featured articles on different themes of environmental law ranging from the governing principles of environmental law, the adjudicatory authorities and their roles in dispensing environmental justice, waste management, and climate change to other contemporary issues in the domain of environmental law and policy. JELPD is listed under the University Grants Commission – Consortium for Academis and Research Ethics (UGC-CARE) and is a double blind peer reviewed journal with an ISSN No. 2348-7046.

Journal of Law and Public Policy (JLPP)

The Journal of Law and Public Policy, a peer reviewed journal first released in 2014 is published annually by the Centre for Environmental Law Education, Research and Advocacy. It touches upon various socio-legal issues in the interface between law and public policy such as human rights, consumer welfare, women rights, socio-economic rights, food security law, access to legal aid, medical law and ethics to name a few. The fourth, fifth and sixth volumes of the Journal have specifically dealt with legal and policy issues on the Uniform Civil Code, Sustainable Energy and Sports. In addition to scholarly articles the Journal has also featured case comments and book reviews. JLPP is a peer reviewed journal with an ISSN No. 2350-1200.

CEERA March of the Environmental Law

March of Environmental Law is an annual Magazine published by the Centre for Environmental Law Education, Research and Advocacy (CEERA). Started in the year 2014 with an ISSN No. 0974-7044, the Magazine has laid its focus on environmental issues of contemporary concern, developments in the legislative, scientific and other areas of environmental significance. It also highlights some of the major decisions of the High Courts and Supreme Court for that particular year apart from the various activities that are undertaken by CEERA.

CEERA has taken pioneering efforts in keeping up with the technological advancements by publishing journals, blogs, articles, Books and other research materials on its online platform NLS Publications at The website launched in the year 2019, is a virtual shelf for anyone interested in learning about the recent developments and also provides a place for others to contribute on any recent topics.

Of the three websites managed by the Center for Environmental Law Education, Research and Advocacy, nlsenlaw, was the first one to be launched. It remained to the official website of CEERA, Commons Cell and Environmental Law Clinic. The website provides for upcoming events, news and announcements along with the details of the presently working members of the Centre. One can also access Project reports, Blogs, Testimonials and other details related to the Diploma Course.

CEERA, NLSIU, was granted a project by the United Nations Development Project (UNDP) and Global Environment Fund (GEF) on Strengthening Human Resources, Legal Framework and Institutional Capacities to Implement the Nagoya Protocol (Global ABS Project). Under the project, CEERA launched to provide updates about Twenty-Nine (29) training programmes that were held across the country under the project. It continues to provide updates about developments in the field of Biodiversity in India and across the world.

International Journal on Consumer law and Practice (IJCLP)

The International Journal on Consumer Law and Practice is an annual peer reviewed journal of the Chair on Consumer Law and Practice (CLAP) which released its first publication in 2013 with an ISSN No.2347-2731. It seeks to provide a forum for engaging in discussion on varied issues of National and International issues on Consumer Protection Laws. Following the eight successful volume of the Journal and on continuance of the endeavour to encourage academic discourse and legal scholarship, the Board of Editors invites submission for the Ninth Volume. Over the years the journal on featured article, essays, case note on different themes of Consumer law ranging from International Consumer Protection Framework and Policy, Empowering Consumers, Consumer Welfare legislation and its implementation, Consumer Rights in Digital Era, technological Advancements in Enforcement of Consumer Rights, Mediation an effective tool to resolve Consumer Disputes etc.

Looking for a place to publish your next piece of research? Check out the International Journal on Consumer Law & Practice here.

March on Consumer Law and Practice

March on Consumer Law and Practice is a bi-annual magazine published by Chair on Consumer Law and Practice (CLAP) since 2008 with an ISSN No. 0975-9700. The Magazine covers the activities of Chair on Consumer law and Practice and Mediation Centre, updates of Consumer Law Cases and development in legislative and other areas of consumer’s significance for that particular period and also highlights some Web-Alerts which will help to increase the awareness among consumer, students, academicians, professional, government officials, NGO’s and general public. The soft copies of the magazines are available at CLAP website. Read the latest newsletter from the Chair on Consumer Law & Practice here.

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Indian Journal of Law and Technology

The Indian Journal of Law and Technology (IJLT) is a bi-annual, student-edited, peer-reviewed, open access law journal published annually by the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. IJLT is the first and only law journal in India devoted exclusively to the study of the interface between law and technology.

The Journal has a broad mandate, and carries scholarship carries scholarship in the areas of intellectual property rights, internet governance, information communication technologies, privacy rights, digital freedoms, openness, telecommunications policy, media law and innovation, and more, with an emphasis on a developing country perspective or a comparative approach that benefits the developing world.

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Indian Journal of International Economic Law (IJIEL)

The Indian Journal of International Economic Law (IJIEL) is a student-edited, peer-reviewed law journal published annually by the National Law School of India University, Bangalore (NLSIU) under the patronage of the Indian government-sponsored chair on WTO Law. The Journal is an endeavour to encourage scholarship in the niche but rapidly emerging and dynamic fields of international trade law and international economic law, in recognition of the staggering impact of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and cross-border trade and commerce in the world today.

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To further the dialogue on international economic law, the IJIEL Blog was conceptualized two years ago with an aim to generate interest in this niche field, amongst students, practitioners, and academicians alike. In the past, we have seen contributions from academicians and luminaries in the field like Prof. M. Sornarajah, renowned author and CJ Koh Professor of Law at NUS, Singapore, Prof. Nigam Nuggenhalli, Dean, School of Law, BML Munjal University, Mr Ajar Rab, Partner Rab & Rab Associates, and Mr. James Nedumpara, Professor and Head at Centre for Trade and Investment Law, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.
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