Visiting Scholars Programme

About the Programme

The Visiting Scholars Programme at NLSIU welcomes exceptional international scholars and practitioners engaged in research across law and social sciences. The programme extends to those holding a rank of Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor/Doctoral/Post Doctoral Candidate in their home university. The aim of the programme is to enable collaborative scholarship and promote a culture of knowledge sharing across disciplines. Visiting Scholars conduct their research in collaboration with or support of the NLSIU faculty members, and participate in the broader intellectual life at NLSIU, when required.

Visiting Scholars are hosted as guests of NLSIU for a pre-defined duration i.e., from three months to a year. Scholars will not be entitled to remuneration/honorarium or housing during their visit. They will have access to University facilities (e.g. Library) and office space, subject to availability.

The Visiting Scholars Programme is anchored by the Office of Dean Research. Applicants to the programme must be referred by a faculty member who is willing to act as an advisor to the proposed research. It is the responsibility of a prospective Visiting Scholar to contact appropriate faculty members in advance to support their application.

Scope of Affiliation

In addition to pursuing their own research objectives while at NLSIU, Visiting Scholars are invited to actively participate in other University activities, such as:

  1. Delivering a formal lecture at the University.
  2. Participating in faculty and research seminars.
  3. Engaging in formal or informal discussions with students.
  4. Undertaking collaborative research with faculty or staff.
  5. Presenting guest lectures in classes.

As non-employees, Visiting Scholars will not be given full-time teaching responsibilities but may be invited for guest lectures.

What is expected of a department or faculty member hosting a Visiting Scholar?

The relationship between a Visiting Scholar and an NLSIU faculty referee can range from occasional oversight to close collaboration. It is important that the nature and scope of the relationship, as well as the specifics of the prospective Visiting Scholar’s research project, be worked out by the two before the visiting scholar arrives at NLSIU.

Application Process

  1. The application for Visiting Scholars must be made through a faculty referee by filling up a form here.
  2. Applications should be for a minimum tenure of one trimester, i.e. 3 months.
  3. Checklist of Application Materials
  • Résumé/CV
  • Cover letter
  • Research proposal with details of funding
  • Letter of support from NLSIU faculty

Please note that the programme is unable to accommodate all those who express interest in visiting for research purposes. In selecting applicants for Visiting Scholar status, the Office of Dean Research will consider the applicant’s background, field of interest, scholarly achievements, research proposal, availability of NLSIU faculty for consultation in the proposed research area, and English language proficiency. Applicants should have completed their basic legal/social science studies with high academic standing.