1121 | Advanced Issues in Criminal Law

Course Information

  • 2021-22
  • 1121
  • 5-Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M.
  • III, IV, V
  • Jul 2021
  • Elective Course

This elective course aims to acquaint students with contemporary developments and debates in substantive criminal law. The focus will be on discussing, debating, and critiquing the issues identified. The philosophical foundations of concepts being discussed, the reasons behind the judicial interpretation of these concepts, and the impact of such interpretation on the development and application of criminal law will be critically examined. The course will hence be reading-intensive and require active participation by students. It will be taught in a seminar-style discussion format. The course requires a basic knowledge/understanding of substantive criminal law. It aims to build on what students have already learnt in their core criminal law courses, and to critically examine fundamental concepts in substantive criminal law.


Mrinal Satish
Dr. Mrinal Satish

Professor of Law