CMN911 | Contract Management and Negotiations

Course Information

  • 2020-21
  • CMN911
  • Master's Programme in Public Policy
  • I
  • Nov 2020
  • Core Course

Increasingly, public services are provided through private agencies. Public authorities enter into
a range of contract for this purpose. This is one of the courses which provides legal skills for
the Public Policy participants. This course aims to introduce participants to basic legal concepts
which helps two parties to share a common understanding on the public provisioning. These
concepts are about notice, registration, liability, Indemnity, Guarantee, Bailment, Agency,
Partnership, Sale of Goods, Government Contracts, license, PPP, E-Contracts, and Franchisee
contracts. The principles governing the formation, performance and remedies for Breach of
contracts form the thrust of this course. The freedom of contract in the context of the new
types of standard form, Tenders, auction contracts receive attention in the course.