CON101 | Contracts I

Course Information

  • 2021-22
  • CON101
  • 5-Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)
  • I
  • Nov 2021
  • Core Course

The course on contract law is divided into two parts. This course is the first part of the journey into contract law. The word ‘contract’ in general parlance is used on a routine basis without attributing emphasis on the legal consequences. But in the framework of legal enquiry the word ‘contract’ and the law governing it is dynamic. It is important to note here that it has been developing and, in that attribution, it is to highlight that there is opportunity to research and be a part of the creative journey.

This being the first course where a statute is relied upon to lay the foundation to law discourse it needs a structured and comprehensive approach.

This course deals comprehensively with the basic principles of law of contracts, with special reference to Indian contract law. Introduction to the laws of obligations with the foundation of legal liability in contract shall be the focus area for this course.

Further, law of contracts is not just about contracts but is an introduction to legal reasoning and methods. It is fundamental to how a person starts thinking as a lawyer. The development of this skill in the students will also be the focus of this course.

Contract Law I is a core course mandated by Bar Council and UGC and is a foundational course in law of contracts.


Harsha N

Assistant Professor of Law

Smitha Krishna Prasad

Assistant Professor of Law