LCN201 | Contracts II

Course Information

  • 2023-24
  • LCN201
  • 3-Year LL.B. (Hons.)
  • I
  • Nov 2023
  • Core Course


The course of Contracts II is an extension of Contracts I which dealt with the general principles of contracts. Contracts II aids in understanding the application of the general principles of contract in specific circumstances which are the footholds for business associations and commercial transactions. Various forms of special contracts are recognised by the law, such as (i) Standard Form Contracts; (ii) Indemnity & Guarantee; (iii) Bailment; (iv) Partnership, (v) Sale of Goods, (vi) Agency etc.

Special contracts are widely used in the commercial transactions and they deserve special attention in the legal curriculum. Contract-II comprises the study of the following special contracts: Standard Form Contracts, Contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee, Bailment, Agency and Partnership. The present course also consists of Law relating to Sale of Goods and E-contracts and Government Contracts.

Course Coverage: Special Contracts such as Standard Form Contracts, Contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee, Bailment, Agency and Partnership, standard form of contracts, Contracts of Bailment, Pledge and Hypothecation, Contracts of Agency, Sale of Goods, Partnership, Government Contracts, E-contracts and new developments such as JV Agreements, Escrow and Franchisee Agreements, and PPP

Students will have a broad understanding of the principles of the law of special contracts and be able to demonstrate their understanding and application of the principles in diverse facts.

Teaching Method: The Course will be taught by delivering Lectures, engaging the students in classroom discussions and case law analysis using the Socratic Method.


Harsha N

Assistant Professor of Law