1084 | Corporate Governance and Practice

Course Information

  • 2020-21
  • 1084
  • 5-Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M.
  • III, V
  • Mar 2021
  • Elective Course

How does this course relate to the programme curriculum – does it develop on a prior course in the programme or is the foundational or standalone course?

This course focuses primarily on for‐profit, publicly traded corporations. This course is an extension of the course on Corporation Law. In this course, Students are made to understand the system and structure in which corporations’ function and to think critically about the framework for effective corporate governance. This will include an understanding of the structural relationships determining authority and responsibility for the corporation and their associated complexities. Students will be assigned foundational readings and cases associated with each topic and will be asked to examine issues from both legal and business perspectives.

Describe your pedagogical method: lectures, Socratic discussion, seminar style discussion, response papers or group work; any field work.

Combination of theory and practice forms the foundation for learning. The interaction among students and between students and faculty furthers discussion that stimulates advanced intellectual growth. Students are expected to use information, including their own research, as the foundation for critical and creative thinking. Cases, academic literature, current news and sharing experience provide interactive opportunities to develop expression to students’ ideas. At relevant points in time, the faculty will invite industry practioners’ and/or independent board members to share experiences.