CRL303 | Criminal Law III

Course Information

  • 2019-20
  • CRL303
  • 5-Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)
  • III
  • Jul 2019
  • Core Course

Having completed the understanding of basic principles of criminal liability and Substantive criminal legal provisions from the Indian Penal Code during the previous two trimesters, the focus of criminal law now shifts to the understanding of procedural aspects, which is vital to the effective and comprehensive understanding of criminal law and its implementation.
The law of procedure in general including the criminal procedural law is very detailed and   complicated. Thoroughness with the provisions as well as their application is essential. The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 is likewise detailed and intricate. It is a fascinating and engrossing subject of study. This course attempts to deal with the criminal justice process of the country through the Criminal Procedure Code in general and few selected special enactments of the country in specific.
The course starts with the discussion of the importance, nature and salient features of criminal justice system of India. The course will include discussion about the working of the institutions, through which the criminal justice system is administered in the country, that is, police, prosecution, courts, defence counsel and the correctional institutions with emphasis upon relating procedural issues. The code lays down the structure of the courts and the different stages which a criminal case must pass through, including filing of cases in form of FIR and complaints, procedure of investigation in detail, initiation of judicial process, examination of witnesses, the decision, sentences and appeals. Further, the importance of judicial precedent cannot be overstated in a course on criminal procedure, hence the focus will also be on understanding the course through important case laws


Dr. A. Nagarathna

Associate Professor of Law