1074 | Development of human rights jurisprudence through human rights treaty bodies and their interpretations

Course Information

  • 2019-20
  • 1074
  • LL.M.
  • I
  • Nov 2019
  • Elective Course

This Elective Course is developed on a prior course, “Concept & Development of Human Rights”. Because, a comprehensive learning of International Human Rights Law (IHRL) requires the Students to learn and understand both the concept of human rights and international human rights treaties, along with their interpretations by the treaty bodies. Such interpretations are known as General Comments/General Recommendations, and it is important to learn about them as they have contributed to the development of human rights law as well as contemporary human rights jurisprudence.

Design of the Course: In view of the above description, this course is designed to help the students in carrying out a systematic as well as comprehensive study on the following components: reasons for creation of human rights treaty bodies, treaty bodies’ composition, powers, procedures and process of interpretation; associated challenges and concerns vis-a-vis treaty bodies’ contribution to the development of human rights jurisprudence.