LPD301 | Law, Poverty & Development

Course Information

  • 2021-22
  • LPD301
  • 5-Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)
  • III
  • Nov 2021
  • Core Course

The Law, Poverty and Development course seeks to study, analyse and understand how the law- its structures and processes – at the international and national levels engages with the concepts of poverty and development theoretically as well as practically. After all, both the new international economic order and Indian constitutional framework aspire towards:

i)        securing justice- social, economic and political;

ii)       promoting fraternity among citizens; and

iii)     assuring the dignity and respect of every human individual.

            It is within this socio-economic and political realm that the interrelationship among law, poverty and development would be traced.

            It is a multidisciplinary course that substantially relies on knowledge gained from the fields of political philosophy, sociology, jurisprudence, ethics, human rights and economics. The course also stresses on ‘intersectionality’ as a method of ‘doing development right’ through law and policy such that it does not lead to impoverishment instead of empowerment of the people.


Prerna Dhoop

Assistant Professor of Law