| Regulatory Governance and Sectoral Workshops

Course Information

  • 2022-23
  • Master's Programme in Public Policy
  • II
  • Jul 2022
  • Core Course

Theodore Lowi’s exposition of the relationship between Policy and Politics, he makes a classification of three types of policies: distributive, redistributive and regulative. Since then, this classification is hugely accepted. When ‘Regulatory Governance’ is taught to the students of Public Policy, this broader picture has to be kept in mind. This course is delivered for students aspiring to be professionals. Therefore, how the application of regulations in specific sectoral contexts have to be learned through applied manner. In this way, course is divided into two parts.

The first part of the course is an appreciation of the theory of regulation. Economic, political and legal aspects of regulations will be covered here. For the second part, students divided into eight groups. Each group is allocated a sector and is mentored by a sectoral experts (e.g. Water, Electricity) or experts from regulatory agencies (e.g. RBI, IRDA) themselves. (The sectors covered in the past years are provided in Appendix 1). After study of the sector initially, each group narrows down on a contemporary problem the sector is facing (e.g. green energy in electricity sector), and works a regulatory solution. On the day sector expert comes to the class, students also present their solution where the expert comments apart from lecturing on the sector.


Srijoni Sen
Srijoni Sen

Visiting Assistant Professor