TC904 | Transformative Constitutionalism

Course Information

  • 2020-21
  • TC904
  • Master's Programme in Public Policy
  • I
  • Jul 2020
  • Core Course

This course is introductory course in to three related courses of (a) Transformative
Constitutionalism in first trimester, (b) Rights, duties and institutions in second trimester and
(c) Law and development in third trimester. The introductory course deals with the source and
content of Values, concepts and transformative potentialities of Indian Constitution. It traces
the long drawn out process by which the Indian constitution came into being. The processes
that the Constituent assembly followed indicates (soon after independent movement shows)
the richness of plurality, mutual respect and accommodation of each other for an epochal
consensus with an aim to craft an extremely unique constitution. The question whether our
constitution was influenced by ideas of constitutionalism across the world, by our own colonial
history and through our own national liberation movement will receive high priority in this
course. New compulsions, new dangers and contemporary pressures under the guise of ‘New
Constitutionalism’ of post globalisation vintage will also receive due attention.


Prof. Babu Mathew
Babu Mathew