Academic Programmes

5-Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)


March 2021

Reimagining Culture in Intl. Legal Theory and Practice


B.A., LL.B. (Hons.), National Law Institute University Bhopal – 2018
Bachelor of Civil Law, University of Oxford – 2019
Advanced Masters in Public International Law, Leiden Law School – 2020
PhD Researcher, European University Institute, Florence (ongoing)


Raghavi is a PhD researcher in international human rights law at the European University Institute, Florence. Alongside the PhD, Raghavi is a consultant for cultural rights collectives in Tamil Nadu, a senior research associate at the Public International Law and Policy Group, coordinator of the EUI Cultural Heritage Working Group, and a visiting lecturer at the University of Salamanca. She holds editorial positions in the European Journal of Legal Studies, the European Journal of International Law, and the NLIU Law Review. Raghavi has presented her research on cultural rights at conferences/panels hosted by the Fundamental Rights Forum, the Canadian Council of International Law, the American Society of International Law, and the Asian Society of International Law.


Articles/Book chapters

  • R. Viswanath, Comparing International Criminal Tribunals’ interpretive approaches in relation to International Humanitarian Law in Development and Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law in the Jurisprudence and Practice of the ICC (Svacek and Faix (eds.), Routledge, forthcoming).
  • R. Viswanath, Uncovering epistemic injustice in human rights spaces: A study of methodology in the Sociolegal Handbook on Epistemic Injustices in Spaces and Places (Flear et. al., Palgrave, forthcoming).
  • R. Viswanath, Decolonizing Law by Bhatia et. al., Vol. 3, Cross-Cultural Human Rights Review (December 2021).
  • R. Viswanath, Hate crimes against minorities in India: Locating the value of international criminal law discourse, Journal of International Criminal Justice (August 2021).
  • R. Viswanath, The right of passage case: A tale of two customs? in Global Encyclopaedia on Territorial Rights (Kocsis (ed.), Springer, 2021).
  • R. Viswanath, Elevating cultural rights using international criminal law – The Asian story, 10(2) Asian Journal of International Law (September 2020).
  • R. Viswanath and T. Chawla, Two-minute Experiment gone bad: Stars to bear liability?, 11 NALSAR Student Law Review, 169-196 (2017).

Other output

  •   R. Viswanath and J. Wiseman, People versus (State-centric) international cultural heritage law – Is human rights the mediator?, Lawyers Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation (February 2021).
  • R. Viswanath, To detain or not to detain?, Intl Law Girls (October 2020).
  • Co-author of PILPG’s amicus intervention in the Bosco Ntaganda appeal before the International Criminal Court (September 2020).
  • R. Viswanath, A stitch in time: Examining the Ayyash et. al. judgment, International Law Association Reporter (October 2020).
  • R. Viswanath, Admitting evidence of fact-finding missions: Where does the buck stop, Lawyering Justice (January 2020).
  • R. Viswanath, International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973 and the Principle of Legality, Oxford South Asian Law Discussion Group (July 2019).
  • R. Viswanath, Right to consent to military intervention: Limited or not?, Cambridge International Law Journal blog (March 2019).
  • R. Viswanath, Understanding indigenous peoples’ rights: Collective or individual?, Oxford Human Rights Hub (November 2017).


  • R. Viswanath, S. Vij, and A. Chaudhary, The Patent Case Digest for India (Thomson Reuters, 2019) [ISBN No: 978-93-83674-94-3].