• BSc. LLB, (Hons.), Gujrat National Law University
  • LLM in International Law, University of Leeds
  • PhD Candidate, Warwick School of Law (Chancellor’s Scholar)

Brief Bio/Profile

Rohini Sen is an Assistant Professor, Jindal Global Law School (since January 2013) and a PhD candidate, University of Warwick (since January 2020). She has also served as an Assistant Dean (International Collaborations) and, Assistant Director, Centre for Human Rights Studies (2013-2022) at JGLS.

She works at the intersection of Law and Humanities, teaching and researching on Critical Approaches to International Law (CAIL), critical pedagogy, queer and feminist approaches, decolonial and post-colonial feminisms.

Research work

  • A study of the dialogical relationships between teachers, pedagogy and the discipline of critical approaches to international law (PhD thesis)
  • Formal and informal barriers to the workings of Sexual Harassment Committees in Indian Higher Education Institutes ( JGU Research Grant, CHRS Research Project; ongoing)


Journal Articles

  •  ‘Kashmir and the Battle for the Borders of International Law’ NALSAR Student Law Review , Volume XV, 2021
  • ‘A Queer Reading of International Law and its Anxieties’, GNLU Law and Society Review, Volume III, 2021
  • Reading and Readings of Capitalism as Civilisation in Book Symposium of Capitalism as Civilization,European Journal of Legal Studies, Issue 13(1), 2021
  • Shaimaa Abdelkarim, Farnush Ghadery & Rohini Sen, ‘Collaborative Praxis: Unbinding Neoliberal Tethers of Academia’ Feminista Journal, 2021
  • Suraj Gogoi and Rohini Sen, Citizenship and Belonging: NRC process in Assam (forthcoming, Journal of South Asian Studies, 2022, manuscript available upon request)
  • ‘Use of Force and the ‘Humanitarian’ Face of Intervention in the 21st Century” Wisconsin Journal of International Law Journal Vol. 32, No. 3, 2014
  • ‘The Indian perspective on the international rule of law: Through the lens of international agreements on free trade’, Special Issue of the Belgian Review of International Law on ‘The International Rule of Law’, VOL. XLVII 2013 – 2.

Book Chapters

  • Suraj Gogoi and Rohini Sen, ‘Tablighi Jaamat: Racism and Coronavirus in Assam’ book chapter in Mohan J. Dutta ed. Covid-19 and Migration https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-19-7384-0_9
  • Rohini Sen and Rashmi Raman, ‘Radha Binod Pal: The Outsider and The Native, book chapter in The Dawn of a Discipline: International Criminal Justice and Its Early Exponents, Cambridge University Press, 2020.
  • Co-authoring with Shaimaa Abdelkarim ‘Regenerative ruptures and alliances: Counter-hegemonic feminist narratives from the global south’ (working-draft available upon request).

Academic Blogs:

  • A Self-Reflexive Rebellion: Of Universality and False Empowerment of the Global South Opinio Juris (March 2022)
  • We Must All Engage with Feminist Approaches to International Law: Old Questions, Old Answers, New Subjects, Völkerrechtsblog (March 2022)
  • The Emotional Labour of Teaching–A Feminist Critique of Teaching Critical International Law, Opinio Juris (September 2020)
  • Teaching International Law in Asia, The Predicated Pedagogue  AfronomicsLAW (September 2020)
  • International Law in Indian Law Schools: What Remains Invisible RGNUL Student Research Review (December 2020)
  • Critical Thinking in Times of Crisis: International Law, Critical Education and COVID-19 Socio-Legal Law Review (April 2020)
  • Anatomy of Gendered Academia: What Early Career Scholars Should Know (May 2020) SamVidhi

Book Review

Dust and smoke: air pollution and colonial urbanism India c.1860 c.  https://doi.org/10.1080/19472498.2022.2067638


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