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Admission to Research Degree Programmes: 2020-21 | Provisional Selection List for Ph.D (Law) Programme

October 25, 2020

The Provisional Selection List for admission to the Ph.D (Law) Programme for 2020-21 is as follows:

1. NLS-PG-00009/2020 – Kanchan Yadav
2. NLS-PG-00012/2020 – Abhinav Gupta
3. NLS-PG-00013/2020 – Varsha Mahadeva Aithala
4. NLS-PG-00019/2020 – Vasudha Misra
5. NLS-PG-00022/2020 – Ayushi Kushwaha
6. NLS-PG-00039/2020 – Sakshi Goyal
7. NLS-PG-00041/2020 – Faiz Ayat Fazal Ahmed Ansari
8. NLS-PG-00044/2020 – Abhijit B
9. NLS-PG-00077/2020 – Ujal Kumar Mookherjee

Ph.D Inter-Disciplinary
10. NLS-PG-00086/2020 – Raag Yadava

Instructions to selected candidates:

1. The candidates are required to pay the fee of Rs.60,000/- (Registration Fee Rs. 30,000/- & Course Work Fee Rs.30,000/-) for admission to Research Degree Programmes on or before October 30, 2020, failing which they will not be eligible to take the admission.
2. The Course will commence from November 2, 2020
3. The selected candidates are required to send their relevant certificates for verification via mail.
4. The remittance of fee may be made from your user ID through the NLS portal