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Call for Quotations | Centralised Laundromat Service

March 12, 2022

The National Law School of India University, Bangalore invites sealed quotations for a “Centralized Laundromat service” from eligible contractors.

Date of Issue of Quotation: 12.03.2022
Last Date for Submission: Up to 5.00 PM on 20.3.2022
Time of Completion: 15 days

Scope of Work

1. You shall invest in setting up the machines for the Laundromat in the campus.

2. The whole setup of Laundromat shall be executed by you.

3. The required manpower, washing machines and dryers to operate and manage the Laundromat shall be provided by you.

4. Consumables like detergent and other cleaning solutions shall also be provided by you.

5. The operators should be available to do the laundry for the students

For more details, please view the official notification.