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CEERA hosts one-day workshop on Climate Change Protection Bill

In the attempt to join the global effort to address climate change and its allied issues, the Centre for Environmental Law, Education, Research and Advocacy (CEERA) held a one-day consultative workshop on Legislating Climate Change Law in India. The workshop was held in aid of the Centre’s initiative to draft a Bill that seeks to provide a clear and comprehensive framework for climate protection in India.

Held on June 18, 2021, the workshop aimed at creating a platform to stimulate intellectual discourse on critical issues associated with climate change and to identify viable solutions to address these issues.

Given the absence of an explicit law addressing climate change in India, the workshop created a platform for dialogue on devising a comprehensive legislative framework. With participation from experts and other stakeholders in the relevant area of study, the workshop drew from different perspectives and disciplines apart from the legal perspective of climate change.

Across nine sessions held through the day, the workshop touched upon a range of topics, including Climate Change Litigation in India, Climate Wrongs and Human Rights, Climate Change Mitigation and Tech Transfer, The Status of Climate Legislation in Australia, Comparing The European Green Deal Legislation Programme, Legal and Social Contours of Climate Change, among others.

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