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In the News | Dr. Dakshina Chandra Writes for Frontline magazine

April 26, 2022

Dr. Dakshina Chandra’s article titled “Tribunals of conflict: Need for model of conduct for adjudicators” has been published in the Frontline magazine. Dakshina is Research Fellow working with the Regulatory Governance Project at the University.

Dakshina has previously worked as a research fellow at Deakin Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession as an Associate Lecturer where she chaired and lectured several bachelor and masters level law courses. In the context of the Regulatory Governance project, she is conducting research in the field of regulatory technology, law and policy. Her work aims to provide insights on capabilities, limitations, implications and risks from use of supervisory technology in regulatory functions and thereby advance the discourse on regulatory governance in India.

Abstract: A model code of conduct for adjudicators is needed to help create impartial and independent tribunals, curb situations of forum shopping or bench hunting and prevent conflicts of interest and recusals.

Read the full article here.