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NLSIU Announces AZB & Partners Scholarship

July 5, 2023

NLSIU is excited to announce the ‘AZB & Partners Scholarship’, commencing Academic Year 2023-24. The scholarship has been instituted with the support of the leading Indian full-service corporate law firm ‘AZB & Partners’ which recently signed an MoU with the University.

The scholarship will subsidize the annual student fees for five deserving students admitted to NLSIU’s BA LLB (Hons) Programme, until they finish their five years of study. This academic year, we welcome our largest cohort of 240 students into the BA LLB (Hons) programme as part of the University’s Inclusion and Expansion Plan 2021-25. The distribution of the scholarship fund to the students will be as per the NLSIU Financial Aid Policy.

We asked AZB & Partners to share their thoughts regarding this initiative.

“We are excited about partnering with NLSIU, our country’s premier law college, on this initiative to help deserving and meritorious law students and build a legal foundation that benefits our profession. NLSIU has, over the years, given our Firm some of its best lawyers and we see this as an offer on our part to contribute to NLSIU students” said the AZB team.

The team further said that this is the first scholarship that the Firm has instituted: “We are happy to do so at NLSIU and hope it gives us a better opportunity to interact with its students in their education.”

Reflecting on the collaboration, NLSIU Registrar Prof. N S Nigam said: “We gratefully acknowledge the valuable contribution of AZB & Partners to our scholarship funds. Their contribution will ensure that students who might otherwise struggle to support their education at NLSIU can now benefit from this generous donation. As NLSIU embarks on fulfilling its mandate to impart a more inclusive education, scholarship initiatives from leading law firms like AZB & Partners will play a critical role.”