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NLSIU in the News | Race to the Bottom for Gig Workers

April 2, 2022

Commenting on the current 10-minute food delivery issue, NLSIU’s Centre for Labour Studies recently reflected on the unreasonable pressure that a 10-minute delivery might put on delivery partners. The article titled ‘Race to the bottom for gig workers’ in the op-ed pages of The Hindu, is authored by Visiting Fellow Mohan Mani and Independent Researcher Sachin Tiwari, who are associated with the Centre for Labour Studies.

The article reflects on the announcement and its impact on delivery workers. It also addresses a Member of Parliament’s response to the food delivery and dining platform Zomato in which he raised questions related to platform work. In December 2021, the Centre had published another report on wages and work conditions in platform work.

To read the full newspaper article, click here.