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NLSIU Launches Centre for Study of Rule of Law

December 19, 2022

The National Law School of India University is happy to announce the launch of a new research centre for study of the Rule of Law in partnership with TrustBridge.

TrustBridge is a non-profit that works in the area of improving the rule of law to further economic growth and create efficient and fair markets. This Centre, a five-year-long initiative, will study the rule of law from the perspective of improving the functioning of markets, business and the economy in India. The Centre will be located on the University campus in Bangalore.

On Establishment of the Centre

A robust and stable rule of law environment is a vital component for the long-term development of the economy. Both the theory and practice of the rule of law are enriched by inputs from disciplines outside legal studies, particularly economics and governance, and the Centre will pursue such collaborations. In this manner, the Centre aligns with the University’s interdisciplinary research focus on State capacity as well as legal system reform.

The core objective of this Centre is to promote and further scholarship on questions of rule of law in areas where the better functioning of the rule of law will lead to an improvement in the performance of markets and the economy in general.

Focus Areas

The Centre will initially focus on the rule of law in two key areas: (i) Financial markets, and (ii) Government litigation and contracting.

The Centre’s work will evaluate the drafting of the subordinate legislation and enforcement processes in the areas of banking and bankruptcy, insurance, pensions and capital markets with a view to evaluating the impact on economic outcomes. It will delve into reasons for government litigation and identify solutions towards making government litigation more efficient.

The Centre hopes to be the first of its kind to document the role of the rule of law in shaping economic outcomes. It aspires to build the foundation for a sound regulatory environment to establish a well-functioning economy.


The Centre will operate under an Executive Committee and an Advisory Board, and will have a team comprising researchers from the areas of law and economics alongside other administrative staff.

  • The Executive Committee will steward the Centre’s objectives, outcome and impact measurement, identifying new projects, fund raising, and hiring personnel.

  • The Advisory Board will advise on new projects that align the activities of the Centre with its vision and provide intellectual input on the knowledge creation activities of the Centre.

About TrustBridge

TrustBridge works at the intersection of law and business with the aim of helping both the state and the private sector improve the rules-based environment within which businesses operate in India. It was founded by Akshay Jaitly and Karan Singh, who are also co-founders of the law firm Trilegal. Akshay and Karan strongly believe in the transformative power of the rule of law and are deeply committed to the broader cause of the law serving society (with a particular focus on the economy). They will bring their experience of over 25 years in practicing transactional law together with their expertise of building a law firm to this initiative.

Research at NLSIU

As a leading university committed to the development of the law, NLSIU has established and nurtured various different research centres in specific areas of the law, including environmental law, social exclusion & inclusive policy, child rights and consumer protection. The core objective of these centres is to open doors to a more inclusive, progressive, and innovative approach to legal education, further research, and scholarship.

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