Commons Cell

Ever since Hugo Grotius characterised the sea as the common heritage of mankind, the “commons” have been the subject of legal enquiry on the international plane. With increased commodification, privatisation and appropriation of the valuable resources of the State, it would become the clear, present and imminent concern of the legal order to arrest the depredation of the “commons”, and the threat to human rights over such common resources and promote their protection and the conservation.

The Commons Cell took birth within CEERA to view law in the context of society and for opening up new vistas of legal learning and scholarship in the light of experience.

Center Coordinator: Dr. M. K. Ramesh


MK Ramesh

Dr. M.K. Ramesh

Dr. Sairam Bhat

Madubanti Sadhya

Rohith Kamath

Raghav Parthasarathy

Geethanjali K. V.

Vikas Gahlot

Lianne D’Souza