ECOM1052 | E-Commerce And Product Liability

Course Information

  • 2020-21
  • ECOM1052
  • 5-Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)
  • III, IV, V
  • Nov 2020
  • Seminar Course

The Course titled as E-Commerce and Product Liability aims to provide the student with an in-depth look at the legal issues surrounding electronic commerce & product liability.

Consumer Advocacy in the developed countries has reached the heights but in India consumers are quite a vulnerable due to their poverty, illiteracy and lack of awareness of legal rights. As a result, manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services, e-commerce entities and other generally exploit the consumers by adopting unfair and restrictive trade practices. The Government to India enacted the Consumer Protection Act 2019 which came into force on 24th July, 2020 replacing the old Consumer Protection Act 1986 . Among various other features that were introduced by the new Act, a pivotal addition to the legal scenario surrounding consumer protection, was the notion of e-Commerce and product liability.

This course will be taught through case method with basic concepts, empirical research, video documentary, class discussion and group discussion after prior reading of cases/articles is a primary mode of teaching/learning. Empirical research projects outcome presentation to the public via print and electronic media. Class Presentation on various aspects of consumer protection pertaining to the modules is designed to develop critical and analytical thinking on the subject.


Ashok Patil
Dr. Ashok R. Patil

Professor of Law (On Lien)