Ashok Patil

Dr. Ashok R. Patil

Professor of Law


Chair of Consumer Law and Practice, (Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India)

Coordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and NIRF


B.Sc. (Criminology & Forensic Science) – 1993
BA LLB – 1996
LLM (Mercantile Law) – 1998
Ph.D. – 2006

National Eligibility Test (NET)
Diploma in Computer Application
NCC “C” Certificate; NSS Certificate; Accredited Mediator


  • Published more than 8 articles in International Journal; more than 42 articles in National Journal.
  • Published more than six books.
  • Visited more than 15 countries & presented research papers. Presented paper more than 30 at the International level and more than 58 at National level Conference Seminars.
  • Organized more than 41 training programs/workshops for Non-Governmental Organization, consumer forum members, Government & Private Lawyers, consumer club teachers and others.

International Papers Presented

  • Paper presented on “Indian Consumer Protection Act, 2019: New Changes” organized by International Association of Consumer Law (IACL), United Kingdom in Seminar 1 Autumn 2020, programme held on 1st October, 2020.
  • Paper presented on “Consumer Protection in E-commerce Sector and Mediation” in virtual International Consumer Law Conference (UPICLC 2020) organized by University of Pretoria, South Africa held on 23rd September, 2020.
  • Keynote Speaker on “Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce and Online Dispute Resolution through Mediation” on 15th June 2019 at International Association of Consumer Law (IACL) held at Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA.
  • Chaired a session on “Consumer Transaction in E-Commerce” on 14th June, 2019 at 17th International Association of Consumer Law (IACL) held at Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA.
  • Chaired a session on “Consumer Redress” on 13th June 2019 at 17th International Association of Consumer Law (IACL) held at Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA.
  • Paper Presented on “Cross Border Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)” organized by E Bridge China Research Institute from 16th to 17th April, 2019 at Beijing, China.
  • Paper presented on ‘Consumer International Congress’ at “21st World Consumers International Summit 2019” in Estoril, Portugal from 27th April, 2019 to 05th May, 2019.
  • Paper presented on “E-Consumer Protection in India: Trends and Challenges” at 15th Asian Law Institute (ASLI) Law into the Future: perspective from Asia” Annual Conference held in Seoul, South Korea on 10th & 11th May 2018.
  • Paper presented on “Internet Safety” organized by Google, at Berlin, Germany on 17th -18th March, 2017.
  • Paper presented on “G20 Consumer Summit Building a Digital World Consumers can Trust” at Berlin, Germany on 15th – 16th March, 2017.
  • Paper presented on “Case studies in Asian Consumer Protection” on 14th January, 2017 sponsored by Faculty of Law, Helsinki University, Hongkong.
  • Paper presented on “Consumer Protection in Asia Past, Present and Future” on 13th January, 2017 sponsored by Faculty of Law, Helsinki University, Hong Kong.
  • Paper presented on ‘Best Practices in India – Consumer Movement’s Most Effective and Innovative Campaigns’ at Asia Pacific Regional Meeting and Digital Seminar at Hong Kong on 8th -9th November, 2016.
  • Paper presented on ‘Consumer Dispute Settlement through Online Mediation in India at the 16th International Forum on Online Dispute Resolution held at University of International Business & Economic (UIBE) Co-organized by China Internet Association Mediation Center and Collaborative Innovation Center for China’s Multinational Enterprise on 19th -20th September, 2016 at Beijing, China.
  • Paper presented on “Consumer Dispute Settlement through Online Dispute Resolution” in the International Conference and Competition on Mediation at Salgaocar Law College, Miramar, Goa 2nd -5th March 2016.
  • Paper presented on ‘Curb the Menace of Misleading Advertisement in Cosmetics Sector’ at World Congress Unlocking Consumer which was jointly organized by Consumer International and Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Brazil at Brasilia from 17th -21st November 2015.
  • Paper presented on ‘General lines of International trade and intellectual property in Indian law’ at Mexico-India: Legal and Culture comparative systems from October 5th & 6th October 2015 at New Mexico.
  • Paper presented on ‘Citizen Litigation on Behalf of the Disempowered: India’s Grand Experiment for Access to Justice’ at GAJE Training of Trainers Program: Implementing Justice Education in Diverse Contexts, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey from 27th -28th July 2015.
  • Paper presented on “Misleading Advertisement is a Global Epidemic: A Critique” at International Association of Consumer Law Conference, at Amsterdam, Netherland, from 29th June – 1st July 2015.
  • Paper presented on “Teaching Consumer Law in India”, at Santa Fe, New Mexico jointly organized by University of Houston and University of New Mexico on 31st May 2014.
  • Paper presented on “Control of Passive Smoking” at the International Legal Consortium for South Asian Lawyers Seminar of the Campaign for Tobacco free kids at Colombo from 23rd to 27th April 2014.
  • Paper presented on “Impact of Misleading Advertisements on Consumers” at University of Sydney, Australia from 1st – 8th July 2013.
  • Paper presented on “Tobacco Advertising Promotion & Sponsorship” at International Legal Consortium Seminar which was organized by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids at Washington DC from 24th -28th June 2013.
  • Participated in Panel Discussion at the International Conference and presented a paper on “Consumer Protection in Digital Age’ at Chiang Mai, Thailand on 3rd April 2014.
  • Paper presented on “Free Legal Services Cells in Law Schools: Need for Legal Sanctity” at the CLEA Biennial Conference 2011, held on 29th and 30th Jan 2011.
  • Paper Presented on ‘Consumer Protection in ASIAN Countries’ at Underwriters Laboratory, Singapore on 13th October 2010.
  • Presented a paper on A Comparative Study on “Consumer Protection Through Maintenance of Product Safety and Standards in India and Singapore at the Seminar 01st January 2010 at the National University of Singapore.
  • Paper presented on Consumer Right to Safe & Standard Food on 24th September 2010 at the 5th Australian Round Table Conference Consumer Law which was organized by the University of Western Australia.
  • Online Paper presentation- “International Bar Association’s (IBA) Annual Conference in Seoul, Korea (22-27, September,2019). Prof. (Dr.) Ashok R Patil is an panelist and presented a paper online on the topic “Building an Online Consumer Mediation Center in India” which was held on 26th September, 2019, 11.00am to 12.00am at OCMC.
  • Online Paper presentation on “Consumer Protection & Mediation”, “Consumer Law in France and Europe: An Alibi” Sorbonne Institute of Legal Research, Sorbonne School of Law, University of Paris, which was held on 01st December 2018.
  • Online presentation – “Building an Online Consumer Mediation Center in India”, Organized by International Academy of Alternate Dispute Resolution World Mediation Congress & 17th Annual International Law School Mediation Tournament, Loyola University School of Law, Chicago, Illinois, USA from March 6-10, 2018, 8.30pm to 9.30 pm on Zoom at OCMC.

Research and Other Activities

Awards and Fellowships

  • Received ASIAN LAW INSTITUTE’S FELLOWSHIP in 2010 (ASLI) and visited National University of Singapore for research in Consumer Protection Issues.
  • Received the prestigious National Award “LEGAL EDUCATION INNOVATION AWARD-2013” awarded by Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) and Menon Institute for Legal Advocacy and Training (MILAT) (Prof. Madhava Menon).
  • As a Faculty Coordinator to Legal Service Clinic received ‘International Mac Jannet Award’ in 2014 at Cape Town, South Africa.
  • University Grants Commission’s FIP Fellowship – 2005

Editorial Roles

  • Chief Editor of ‘International Journal on Consumer Law and Practice’ (IJCLP), Annual Journal.
  • Chief Editor of ‘March of Consumer Law and Practice’ Bi-Annual magazine, since 2008, published by CLP Chair, NLSIU and Ministry of Consumer Affairs, GOI.
  • Referee for the European Journal of Law and Management (EJLM), Surrey KT20 6UA, United Kingdom.
  • Editorial Board Member, International Academy of Financial Consumers (IAFICO), Japan.
  • Editorial Board Member, International Review of Financial Consumers (IRFC), Japan.
  • Co-Editor/Reviewers-in-Charge of The Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF) International Journal of Law and Social Sciences

Major Research Projects

  • Successfully completed Online Consumer Mediation Centre (OCMC) a pilot project of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India 2017-19.
  • Successfully completed Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) project on “Effective Implementation of Online Consumer Dispute Resolution through Mediation” sponsored by Ministry of Law & Justice, Government of India, New Delhi 2018-19.
  • Successfully completed project on “A Specific Review of the Karnataka Essential Commodities (Public Distribution System)Control Order, 1992” project sponsored by Department of Food & Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Government of Karnataka, Bengaluru.
  • Successfully completed project on “Unfair Trade Practice: Challenges & the Way Forward” sponsored by Gesellschaftfür Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ, Germany.
  • Successfully completed project on “Analysis of Legislations and Regulations Relating to Consumer lfare and Protection, Standards, Product Liability and Labelling For South Asian and South East Asian Nations, Focusing on Electronic and Electrical Goods Related Industries” sponsored International recognized Standard Body –‘Underwriters Laboratories’, Singapore-2010.

Member in Government Bodies

  • Member of Inter-ministerial Monitoring Committee on Issue of Misleading Advertisements and Review Committee on Consumer Protection Amendment Bill, 2015.
  • Member of Drafting Committee on Consumer protection Bill, 2019, Rules & Regulations under Consumer Protection Act, 2019
  • Member of Drafting Committee on Consumer protection Bill, 2015 & 2018.
  • Member, Working Group on Consumer Advocacy of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.
  • Member to the ‘Central Consumer Protection Council’ by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India since 2015.
  • Member of ‘Consortium For Tobacco Free Karnataka’ (CFTFK), Government of Karnataka, Bengaluru.
  • Member of National Assessment Accreditation Council (NAAC) Peer Team.
  • Member of Human Ethics Committee of National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, (NIMHANS).

Member in Institutions



  • Honorary Member to Federation of Indian Direct Selling Industries (Direct Selling Association), New Delhi -2020.
  • Senior Advisory Board Member of Consumer Assisto, A Knowledge Steez Initiative -2020.
  • Empanelled Mediator for Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation,(IIAM) -2020.
  • Member, Advisory Board, Indian Journal of Socio-Legal & Contemporary Affairs (IJOSLCA) peer-reviewed law journal- 2020.
  • Member, Global Member Connect Call on Financial Services, Consumers International- 2020.
  • Nominated as University Representative for recruitment process from Karnataka State Law University, Navanagar, Hubballi for the year 2020.
  • Life Member of Indian Law Institute (ILI), New Delhi, since 2013.
  • Life Fellow Member to Indian Social Science Academy (ISSA), Allahabad
  • Member of Juridical Science Research Committee of Indian Social Science Academy (ISSA) 43rd Indian Social Science Conference at Bangalore.
  • He was a Dean & Chairman of PG Department of Law, Kuvempu University, Shimoga (2017-2019).
  • Chief Warden at the Halls of Residence (2012-13)
  • Faculty Advisor for Sports (2009-2012)
  • Chairperson of the Under Graduate Council (2016-2018) and Faculty Advisor for Legal Services Clinic (2012-2015 & 2018).
  • Faculty Co-ordinator for Distance Education Department (2013-14) & Centre of Child and Law (2014 -2015)
  • He is a Chairman, Member of BOS/Member of Doctoral Committee of many Universities and Law Colleges in India.
  • Chairman for Library Committee, NLSIU, Bengaluru
  • Convenor for Health Infrastructure and other General Matters Committee, NLSIU, Bengaluru
  • Coordinator for Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), NLSIU, Bangalore and for National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) of MHRD at NLSIU.
  • Member, IT Committee, NLSIU, Bengaluru
  • Member for Academic Council, Executive Council & General Council, NLSIU, Bengaluru.