| Intellectual Property Rights

Course Information

  • 2022-23
  • Master's Programme in Public Policy
  • II
  • Jul 2022
  • Elective Course

Intellectual Property Rights has been gaining significance in the knowledge economy and plays an important role in the Scientific, Industrial, Cultural, Business and related areas. Creativity and Innovations are fostered and promoted through IPR regime. The conflicts and overlaps between monopoly through IPR and public interest have been addressed within the IPR regime as well as through external dynamics. Examination of the underlying policy of IPR , the philosophical justification for the policy goals, International regime governing the rights of the IP holder as well as National regime of IPR in that regard facilitating furtherance of public interest would be focus of this course.

In view of significant developments of IPR regime at the International level and the adoption of National Intellectual Property Rights Policy of 2016 in India as well as with the integration of IPR policy into all other policies of the Government, Business entities, Research organizations, creative industries and other Institutions, understanding of Intellectual Property Rights has become indispensable.


Prof. (Dr.) T. Ramakrishna, National Law School University of India (NLSIU)
Dr. T. Ramakrishna

Visiting Faculty