B.Sc., (Life Sciences)
LL.M, (International Law & Jurisprudence)
M.A. (Political Science and Public Administration]
PGDCAC: Post-Graduate Diploma in Criminology and Administration of Criminal Justice.
Ph. D (Legal Protection of Well known Trade Marks)

Selected Publications and Activities

  1. Invited speaker at National Conference on ‘TRIPS AND ITS IMPLICATIONS’ at Hyderabad in November 2002
  2. Presented a research paper in Seminar on “Academic Research and Copyright Policy”, organized by UGC for the Vice-Chancellors of Indian Universities presided over by the Chairman of the UGC Dr. Arun Nigavekar.
  3. Resource person at the conference of the Association of HRs to talk on “Protection of Trade-secretes” at a Taj Residency, Bangalore.
  4. National Seminar on “contemporary issues in Trademark Law” organised by Patent, Copyright and Trademark Owner’s Association at Bombay, in February, 2003.
  5. Authored the following modules for the PGDIPR Course in 2003
    1. Introduction and Basic concepts of Intellectual Property Rights
    2. Acquisition and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
    3. Information Technology related Intellectual Property Rights
    4. Biotechnology Related Intellectual Property Rights
  6. Invited speaker at “Emerging trends in Copyright” organised by the Ministry of HRD, GOI at Mangalore. [SDM LAW College]
  7. Invited speaker on “Intellectual Property Rights in Engineering” at AICTE sponsored “Faculty Development Programme” for the faculty members of the Engineering College, organized by NITTE College of Engineering, Bangalore
  8. Delivered lecture on “Biotechnology Awareness: Issues beyond Science and Intellectual Property Rights” at RV Teachers’ College, was organized by Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and Education, Bangalore.
  9.  Invited speaker on “Brand Protection implications for the Indian Industry” for the representatives of the industry organized by Karnataka Cambers of Commerce and Industries.
  10. Worked on the “core group” of experts at the WIPO-SAARC EXPERT BODY WORKSHOP on Intellectual Property, Traditional Resources and Genetic Resources in November 2003.
  11. Presented a research paper on “Bioinformatics and IPR Protection” organized by the VISION REACH, Bangalore in January 2004
  12. Presented a paper on “Historical Development, Concepts and Registration of Copyright” in March 2004 organized by NALSAR, Hyderabad
  13. Delivered keynote address in a National Seminar on IPR organized by Department of Commerce, Kuvempu University at Davanagere in March 2004. Also delivered lectures on “Future of IPR in India” and “IPR Protection on Internet”. Also chaired a session on “International Conventions on IPR”
  14. Delivered lecture on “Intellectual Property Rights for Engineers” organized by AICTE sponsored “Faculty Development Programme” for the faculty members of the P.S. Engineering College, Mandya in March 2004
  15. Delivered special lecture on “IPR and Biotechnology” for faculty members in Life Sciences organized by Bangalore University at Academic Staff College
  16. Invited speaker at the “Conference on Promotion of Public-Private Transfer of Knowledge in the Biotechnology Industry: Case Studies from India and Europe” organized by Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, Bangalore in association with INRA held in Bangalore in April 2004
  17. Presented a research paper on “IPR Protection for Biotechnological Inventions in India” at the Workshop on “An Introduction to Intellectual Property Management: Enhancing the Value of Research Output” organized by National Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in association with MIHR held in Bangalore in January 2004
  18. Presented a research paper in Seminar on “Academic Research and Copyright Policy”, organized by UGC in collaboration with Vice-Chancellors of Indian Universities
  19. Presentation on “IPR protection for pharmaceutical products in India” at the conference on global pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and health in the 21st century. On 6-8 August 2004 at Mumbai, by the Indian Pharmacetutical Association, ISBHT and AVITA Biotech.
  20. Participated as invited speaker in the Conference on IPRs organised by the Osmania University at Hyderabad and spoke on “Trends in Trade mark in India” on21st and 22nd August 2004.
  21. Participated as resource person in the conference on Copyright enforcement organised at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi, by the MHRD, Government of India, for the copyright Nodal Officers on 16th September 2004
  22. Participated in the WIPO conference on Copyright issues in the Digital Environment, organised by MHRD, Government of India and WIPO in association with Delhi University at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi from 12-15th October 2004 and presided over a technical session.
  23. Participated as invited speaker in the workshop on IPR organised by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Madurai Chapter at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, and gave a seminar on the “Global perspective of Intellectual property law” on 4.12.2004
  24. Participated in the “Symposium on perspectives in Intellectual Property Rights” organised by the Government Science college, Bangalore University at yavanika auditorium, Bangalore on 28th January 2005 and delivered a lecture on “ Significance of IPR in Modern Biotechnology”
  25. Presented a paper on “the interface between Intellectual property and Human Rights regime” at the National Conference on Human Rights organized by National Human Rights Commission in collaboration with Gulbarga University.
  26. Presented a research paper on “Action Plan for IPR Protection in IT Industry” in a Workshop on IPR and IT Industry organized by FKCCI held in Bangalore in May 2004
  27. Chaired a session at the National Seminar on Patents, PCT and Commercialization of Inventions for Academic Institutions was held on March 25th and 26th 2004 in collaboration with WIPO and Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India.
  28. Delivered lecture on “Emerging Trends on Copyright Issues in Internet” in a South India Seminar on “Emerging Trends in IPR” organized by NALSAR in Hyderabad in April 2004. Also chaired one session on “Emerging Trends in Musical Copyright”
  29. Participated in the conference on Copyright enforcement organised at Hotel Samrat, New Delhi. by the MHRD for the Copyright enforcement Nodal Officers [senior police officers from each state]on 16th September 2004
  30. Participated in the WIPO seminar on Global Intellectual Negotiating strategy on 19-20th Nov. 2004 organised by the Ministry of HRD, WIPO and the Indian Institute of Science at the Satish Dhawan Auditorium.
  31. Participated in the Seminar on “Biotechnology, its impact on India’s development” organised by Institute for Social and Economic Change, on 22nd November 2004 at Hotel Grand Ashok and delivered a talk on International Patent regime and biotechnology”.
  32. Participated in a conference on “Round Table on Policy Strategies for Protecting Rural Livelihoods in Desertification Prone Areas” held at IIM, Bangalore, on 26th and 27th November 2004
  33. Invited speaker on “importance of IPR for inventions in life sciences”- for the faculty members of Botany at the Academic Staff College, Bangalore University, Central College, Bangalore on 8th April 2004
  34. Invited speaker at the celebration of “IPR Day” at Chennai, organized by the Anna Law University, Chennai on 23.04.2005 on “the significance of the Trade mark in the contemporary era”
  35. Participated as resource person in the National Seminar on IPR Awareness organised by the Department of Library, Dharwar University, Dharwar and Ministry of HRD and spoke on “emerging copyright issues in digital environment”
  36. Revised and edited the FOUR reading modules of PGDIPR.
  37. Participated in the National Conference organized by the INFORMATICS on its 25th year [silver jubilee celebration] at TAJ PALACE, BANGALORE on 5.5.2005.
  38. Spoke at the National Seminar on IPR in Biotech Industry at LEELA PALACE, BANGALORE organised by BRAIN LEAGUE consultant on 21st May 2005.
  39. Participated in the Symposium on “WTO and its Implication” organized by Department of Sericulture, Bangalore University, and gave a seminar on “Agriculture and IP Protection” on 18th July 2005.
  40. Conducted workshop on IPRs for Indian Industrialists, at Mangalore, organized by the Small Industries Services of India, Government of India. Spoke on utility of IPRs for industrialists.
  41. Spoke on “copyright protection in the Digital Environment” at the National Seminar on “IPR and Media” organized by the department of Journalism, Mangalore University, Mangalore.
  42. Spoke on “the relevancy and admissibility of the scientific evidence” at a National Conference on Forensic Science, organized by the Directorate of the Foresnsic Science, New Delhi
  43. Presented a paper on “IP Education and training in India: the role of the Government and other Institutions”, at the WIPO Seminar on Intellectual Property Education, Training: Perspectives, jointly organized by WIPO, Geneva and IIT, NEW DELHI, at IIT New Delhi.
  44. Spoke on “Significance of protection of Traditional Knowledge in India” at the Karnataka Judicial Academy in a program organize by the CPR Environment Education Foundation, Chennai in November 2005
  45. Spoke on “the role of NGOs in the conservation of biological diversity and Traditional Knowledge” for the NGOs of Karnataka State, at Hotel Ashirwad organized by CPR Environment Education Foundation, Chennai in November 2005.
  46. Spoke on “Synergies between UNCCD, CBD AND IGC of WIPO relating to Traditional Knowledge” at the conference on “Building Synergies between the different International instruments on Environment protection” organized by CPP, at IIM Bangalore, in association with Ministry of Forest and Environment, Government of India in December 2005.
  47. Spoke on “IPR strategies for a successful Biotechnology Industry” at the IPR Summit organized by George Washington University, CII, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India on 28th,29th and 30th January 2006.
  48. Invited speaker at the Workshop on Indo-US Relations at the National Institute of Advanced Studies on 9th and 10th of February 2006 and presented a paper on “Comparative analysis of Legal Frame works of US and India with an emphasis on the Intellectual Property Rights”
  49. Delivered Lecture on Institutional Intellectual Property Policies and Transfer of Technology at workshop on Technology Transfer (Licensing) Biomedical and Bio-Technologies organized by Institute for Strategic Biotechnology Health and Training, and Indian Council of Medical Research, Delhi, on 21 and 22nd September, 2006
  50. Delivered Lecture on “IPR strategies for a successful Biotechnology Industry” at the The IPR Summit organized by George Washington University, CII, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India on 28th,29th and 30th January 2006
  51. Presented a paper on “Comparative analysis of Legal Frame works of US and India with an emphasis on the Intellectual Property Rights at the “The Workshop on Indo-US Relations at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, NIAS, Bangalore on 9th and 10th of February 2006
  52. Spoke on the Need for Reforms to the Criminal Justice System in the light of the Latest Malimath Committee Report at the 50th Anniversary of IIPA in the “Workshop on Reforms to Criminal Justice system”
  53. Delivered key note address on the Current need of IPR, at the National Workshop on IPR organized by Periyar University, Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu.
  54. Delivered a Lecture on “Management of IPR and Public Institutions” at the Workshop on Management of IPR organized by the HAL Academy, Bangalore, 6th September 2006
  55. Delivered Lecture on Intellectual Property Rights in the Filed of Biotechnology at the Workshop on the Significance of the IPR and Biotechnology organized by PESIT, Bangalore, on 23rd September , 2006
  56. Delivered Lecture on Significance of IPR and its importance in Technical Education at the Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights, Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme, organized by the Department of Technical Education, Government of Karnataka, on 17th and 18th January 2007
  57. Delivered talk on “Identifying Invention: for patenting through case studies, at the “Workshop on Patents” organized by National Research and Development Council [NRDC] at Thiruvananthapuram, on 27th February 2007
  58. Delivered lecture on Emerging Trends in Intellectual Property Rights in India, at the “The workshop on IPR and Emerging Trends in India” at Indian Institute of Science, by Holla Associates, Advocates and IPR Consultants, on 10th March 2007
  59. Participated in a workshop organized by NRDC and Jayachamarejendra College of Engineering, at Mysore and spoke on “Re-visiting Indian Patent System” in April 2007
  60. Participated and spoke on “Copyright protection-National and International perspective” at the IP Awareness program for the Teachers of Kuvempu University, organized by the University at Shankaraghatta, Shimoga, in April 2007
  61. Delivered a special lecture on “Intellectual Property Rights –significance for HAL” at the HAL Management Academy, in May 2007
  62. Delivered a special lecture on “Intellectual Property Rights –significance for HAL” at the HAL Management Academy, in July 2007
  63. Participated in the Conference on Leveraging Innovations and Inventions
  64. NRDC New Delhi, and spoke on “Managing IP Assets—Policy and law”, on 15th and 16th October 2007.
  65. Participated in the ‘INDO-US Colloquium on Patent Law” organized by Sasken Technologies, Bangalore and delivered the Key Note Address, on 9th December 2007.
  66. Addressed a group of officials of the Forest Department and spoke on the International Intellectual Property regime; and on ‘protection of Traditional Knowledge’ at IIMB, BANGALORE on 12th December 2007
  67. Delivered lectures on “Introduction to IPR” and “protection of Trademark and Copyright” at the Training program for Officials organized by Administrative Training Institute, Mysore, Karnataka on 4th and 5th February 2008
  68. Spoke on “An overview of Patent scenario—Bio-pharma” at a Conference on IPRs in Bio-pharma sector, organized by K & S Partners and Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises, Bangalore, at Le’Meridien on 13th February 2008
  69. Delivered lecture on “Scientific Evidence—admissibility of and appreciation of scientific evidence” at National Judicial Academy, Bhopal, on 16th and 17th February 2007
  70. Participated and presented a paper on “SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE Narco-Analysis and Brain Mapping Appreciation and admissibility” in a workshop on Forensic Sciences organized by KILPAIR and Law College, Hubli, on 12th and 13th March 2008
  71. Addressed a group of Officials from the Department of MSME, Government of India and spoke on “significance of IPR in MSME “ at IIMB, BANGALORE
  72. Participated in the workshop on Intellectual Property Rights organized by the University Law College, Bangalore University at Central College and presented a paper on Copyright issues in Digital Environment
  73. LAUNCH OF NLJL:2014. In the capacity of Editor in Chief of NLJL, the first edition of the “National law School LL M Journal of Law” [NLJL] exclusively for encouraging writing skills and publication of the Research Papers of NLS LL M students has been released

Research Interest and Other Activities

  1. Justice Malimath committee on Reforms to the Criminal Justice system. Responsibilities: To do extensive research on the
    1. classification of crimes
    2. Criminal justice system in selected jurisdictions –covering both common law as well as continental systems.
    3. ‘Burden of Proof’ and ‘Standard of proof’
    4. Research work undertaken and report submitted to the Committee.
  2. Project on: ‘Globalization and the International Governance of Modern Biotechnology’. Prepared and submitted a Policy Paper titled “The policy formulation process for an IPR regime for agricultural biotechnology in India”. This report is part of larger study on the implication of ‘Globalization and the International Governance of Modern Biotechnology’ organized by ‘Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development’ (FIELD) of UK and funded by the UK Department of International Development (DfID).
  3. IUCN PROJECT: working on a project sponsored by IUCN, Bonn, on “Intellectual Property Strategies for a successful Biotech Industry”
  4. Worked with Government of Karnataka, Labour Department on policy relating to child labour—series of training programs for the “inspectors” in different districts of Karnataka was undertaken. [1999-2001]
  5. Closely associated with the Karnataka Police Academy, Government of Karnataka in preparing the course outline for the training of probationary Police officers/Investigative officers.
  6. WHO-GOVERNMENT OF INDIA PROJECT: [Ministry of Health and Family Welfare]: working on a project “IMPACT OF OFFSHORING OF CLINICAL TRIALS TO India”. A survey of all Clinical Research Organisations in India and their data management strategies, and extent of data protection laws in India are being examined.
  7. Ministry of HRD “Traditional Knowledge protection”: Working on drafting of legislation for the protection of Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expression.
  8. WIPRO, BANGALORE: developing a training module for the employees of the organization on issues relating to DATA PROTECTION, and other IPRs.
  9. Working with Dr. Chari, K.S, Registrar of the Registry of Semiconductor Chips and Integrated Circuits on the Legal issues relating to registration of Lay out design for Integrated Circuits
  10. Conducted the meeting of Chairpersons and coordinators of the IPR Chairs on curriculum development in IPR for the training programs, Undergraduates, Postgraduates, technical institutions, and for LL.B and LL.M In the capacity as the chairman of the committee, submitted a report detailing the curriculum for training programs, undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses, technical institutions. [18th and 19th August 2004]
  11. Worked as a member of the PSRG, on a project relating to “Brain mapping as a tool in the criminal investigation” Sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology to Karnataka Forensic Laboratory, Banglore. The final report on the use of the Technology for effective investigative purpose has been submitted to the Ministry.
  12. Completed research and submitted the project report under the “Biodivalloc Project on “Geographical Indications and Trademark” to CIRAD, France in 2008.
  13. Worked as member of the Committee on Intellectual Property Rights constituted by University Grants Commission, New Delhi and participated in preparation of “Guidelines for IPR Policies in the Universities”.

Courses and Seminars Taught

  1. Participated in the Orientation Course organized by the Bar Council of India Trust at Bangalore during September 1984 at the Central College, Bangalore. The discussion was focused on Legal Education and integration of the social sciences subjects in the study of legal subjects.
  2. Participated in the Refresher Course organized by the University Grants Commission and National Law School of India University, Bangalore in 1989, on the subject “Law and Economics”.
  3. Participated in the Refresher Course on “law of Crimes” organized by the University Grants Commission and National Law School of India in 1991 at the NLSIU Campus.
  4. Participated in the refresher course on the “Law of Evidence” organized by the International Bar Association and Continuing Legal Education of the National Law School of India University in 1997.
  5. Participated in the WIPO training program on teaching of Intellectual Property Rights in the Universities and colleges, organized by World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore in 1998.