JUR201 | Jurisprudence I

Course Information

  • 2022-23
  • JUR201
  • 5-Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)
  • II
  • Nov 2022
  • Core Course

The course on Jurisprudence aims to introduce students to legal philosophy and ways in which the discipline of law has been imagined. At NLSIU, it is a core course, mandated by the BCI Rules of Legal Education, 2008. The course on Legal Methods may be thought a thematic predecessor to some of the ideas in Jurisprudence. However, in terms of depth or nuance with which legal philosophy is discussed, this course may be considered standalone.

We have approached the course with the core idea that legal philosophy has profound implications on the everyday practice of law. We strive to show students how schools of thought in jurisprudence have a relation to interpretative tools, for instance. We also deal with specific themes which I believe, bring to the fore, contested conceptions of law, rights, and justice. We also analyse movements within legal thought and their implications on policy. We believe that this perspective has profound implications on how we view legal philosophy.


Kunal Ambasta

Assistant Professor of Law