ODR1003 | Online Dispute Resolution

Course Information

  • 2019-20
  • ODR1003
  • 5-Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)
  • V
  • Jul 2019
  • Seminar Course

The primary objective of the course is to understand the significance of use of technology in dispute resolution process in light of the flexibility and privacy. The changes that can be brought through use of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is immense considering its advantages in the regular courts itself for the disposal of cases. ODR has given a huge scope for the ADR by taking away the barriers of physical presence, synchronous procedure of formal dispute resolution, inter-state and cross border dispute settlement. Additionally, there is also a need to look into the legal issues pertaining to use of ODR and legislative measures required to cure them.

The predominant pedagogical tools would be lectures, role plays and discussions. Case study method would be adopted wherever necessary and feasible. Few guest lectures would also be arranged in the duration of course. Video and audio documents will be screened in the class room whenever found relevant. Students are expected to read and come prepared. Further the students are encouraged to come up with presentations on relevant articles and cases.


Ashok Patil
Dr. Ashok R. Patil

Professor of Law