Academic Programmes

3-Year LL.B. (Hons.)



  • BA LLB (Hons.) National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata (2017)
  • Bachelor of Civil Law, University of Oxford (2018)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Oxford (2022)
  • Awarded the Rhodes Scholarship (2017) and Alaine Locke Studentship, Hertford College (2020)


Gauri researches, writes and teaches on comparative constitutional law, discrimination law, human rights law and reproductive rights and justice. She was Graduate Teaching Assistant for Human Rights with the Oxford Law Faculty, involved with teaching both undergraduates (Human Rights Law) and postgraduates (Comparative Human Rights Law and Comparative Equality Law on the Bachelor of Civil Law). She is Assistant Editor of the Indian Law Review, Managing Editor of the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog and Podcast Host with #RightsUp. She was Co-Convenor of the Oxford Pro Bono Publico (2018-19) and Editor at the NUJS Law Review (2016-17).


Journal articles:

  • G. Pillai, Shades of Life in Indian Abortion Law, (2022) National Law School Journal
  • G. Pillai, A Continuing Constitutional Conversation: Locating Nitisha, 22(1) International Journal of Discrimination and the Law (2022)
  • G. Pillai and S. Atrey, A Feminist Rewriting of Air India v Nergesh Meerza AIR 1981 SC 1829: Proposal for a Test of Discrimination under Article 15(1), 5(3) Indian Law Review (2021)
  • G. Pillai, Naz to Navtej: Navigating Notions of Equality, 12(3-4) NUJS Law Review (2019) (Special Issue)
  • G. Pillai, D. Jain, S. Shukla and J. Jos, Bureaucratization of Transgender Rights: Perspective From the Ground, 14 NLSIU Socio-Legal Review (2018)
  • G. Pillai and S. Upadhyay, Juvenile Maturity and Heinous Crimes: A Relook at Juvenile Justice Policy in India, 10(1) NUJS Law Review (2017)
  • G. Pillai and A. Kurlekar, To be or not to be: The Oscillating Support of Indian Courts to Arbitration Awards challenged under the Public Policy Exception, 31(3) Arbitration International (2015)

Public Engagement:

  • G. Pillai and S. Atrey, interviewed for Law and Other Things podcast (forthcoming)
  • G. Pillai, interviewed for ConCast (Episode 4), Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy (5 August 2022) (available here)
  • G. Pillai, Two Courts, Two Conclusions: Abortion Law in India, Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy (26 July 2022)
  • G. Pillai et al, Prohibiting Hijab in Educational Institutions – A Constitutional Assessment (17 March, 2022) (available here)
  • G. Pillai, Abortion Law Reform 2020: Where, How and Why, Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog (28 June, 2021)
  • G. Pillai, Developing Indirect Discrimination: Bringing Fraser to India, Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy (12 November, 2020)
  • G. Pillai, The Abortion Petition: Some Key Questions, Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy (22 October, 2019)
  • G. Pillai, Elusive Equality: The Missing Element in the Oxytocin Ban Decision, Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog (22 February 2019)
  • G. Pillai, Navtej Johar v Union of India: On Intersectionality, Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy (12 September, 2018)