B.A.LLB (Hons.), NLSIU – 2007
LLM in International Economic Law, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London – 2015
PhD, University of Melbourne (Ongoing)


Rashmi Venkatesan has been working in the field of human rights and development for more than a decade. Before joining NLSIU in 2016, she worked with international and domestic non-profits to promote better working conditions in global commodity supply chains, particularly garments, leather and electronics. She has extensive experience in working with business and human rights issues, international labour standards and codes of conduct, corporate social responsibility, international trade and economic law, and human rights.

Apart from her international work experiences, Rashmi also brings with her years of litigation experience. As a practicing lawyer, she has represented a variety of clients in multiple legal forums including trial and appellate courts, tribunals and commercial arbitrations. As a legal practitioner, she has worked with an array of different organisations: law firms, NGOs, international organisations and civil society organisations.

Her current academic interests and engagements deepen her rich practical experience. She continues to research and write on labour issues, human rights and development policies. She is also interested in how popular media constructs legal and developmental discourses. She consults with various civil society organisations, conducts training for lawyers and legal education seminars, is published in international academic journals and regularly contributes to newspapers and blogs.

Research Interests

Law and Development
Development policies and its impact
Labour rights
International economic law
Human rights


Journal Articles:

  • R Venkatesan (2021) Decoding the laws of inequality and wealth, The Indian Journal of International Economic Law, Spl Edition.
  • R Venkatesan (2020) The Evolution of  the Right to Property in India: From a Law and Development Perspective, Law and Development Review.
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  • R Venkatesan (2013) Clothing Garment Workers in Safety: The Case of Bangladesh Economic & Political Weekly 38(28) [published online].

Other Articles:

  • R Venkatesan, Opinion: Without lowering unemployment rates, India cannot effectively address inequality, The News Minute, Feb 8, 2022.
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