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Farewell | Ms. Sakina Begum Retires from NLSIU after Two Decades of Dedicated Service

May 1, 2021

Today, we bid adieu to library support staff member Ms Sakina Begum who retired on April 30, 2021 after dedicating more than 20 years of her life to NLSIU. We thank her for the many years of committed service, and wish her all the very best for her life ahead.

Hailing from Bangalore, Ms Sakina joined the NLSIU library in February 1995 on a temporary basis before her appointment was confirmed in 1998. Following a short break from the University, she rejoined the Law School Library in 2009 and has continued with us ever since. Here, she recalls her journey at NLS, and some of her memorable experiences along the way.

How did your NLS journey begin?

My journey at NLS is closely associated with my husband’s journey at the law school. My husband, Mohammed Chand, worked as a driver at the law school for over 20 years and was appointed by NLS founder-director Dr. N R Madhava Menon. This opportunity was offered to my husband through faculty member Prof Babu Mathew who was our neighbour at the time and introduced us to the law school.  Soon after my husband started working, Dr Menon asked him if I would be willing to work in the library and that is how I joined NLS. I had completed my Class X, and had taken up courses on typing and computer basics prior to joining the law school.

Your experience at NLS:

NLS has been my home for all these years. At the library, I was responsible for arranging, issuing, renewal/return of books. Before computers were brought in to the library, we did a lot of manual work in maintaining registers and entries.  I am extremely grateful to Dr Madhava Menon for the opportunities he provided to our family. No matter how much I may thank him, it will not be enough. He treated us like family members and would even visit our home. Dr. Menon has also mentioned my husband in his book, “The story of a law teacher: Turning Point.”

When my husband was undergoing health issues, the University increased the insurance amount to help us. Students too tried to offer financial help at the time. Prof Joga Rao (former Registrar) was a strong support for us – he was with us right from the time my husband needed hospitalization to the time of his death. I am thankful for all the support we received from the law school.

(Mohammed Chand worked with NLS for over two decades till 2008). 

Interactions with Students:

I remember the students from the 90s batches the most as many of them were close to us, especially with my husband. They would say: “Chand Bhai, can we come watch the cricket match in your house today?” In those times, the hostels did not have TV facility so many of them would drop in to our home. In fact, some of them would even come to interact and seek help from my mother-in-law if they needed it. Several students have kept in touch even after passing out of NLS and enquire about us. These are some cherished memories I have on campus.

Memorable moments:

We have two children – a daughter and son. With regard to my daughter’s marriage, there was a lot of opposition at home for an interfaith union. But Dr Menon, Prof Joga Rao, Prof Mohan Gopal and Dr Mithra advised us and convinced our family to go ahead with my daughter’s choice. In fact, her marriage was conducted right here on the NLS basketball ground with their blessings in the presence of few other faculty members. This memory is truly special and I will never forget it. And I am glad we followed their advice.

Looking ahead:

As I leave NLS, the emotion I feel is almost similar to leaving my own home. However, I have five grandchildren at home with whom I’m looking forward to spend time with. My priority would be take care of them and spend more time with them in the future.

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