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Health Centre Moves to a New Space on Campus

March 19, 2022

NLSIU’s Health Centre, which was previously located near the Learning Centre, has recently shifted to a new premises behind the Training Centre. The Centre was set up to attend to immediate necessities of healthcare and is run by Ms. Malini who is a qualified Nurse, and resides on campus. For any health concerns, residents may write to .

Health Protocols

To ensure an efficient system for management of all matters pertaining to student health and medical emergencies, NLSIU has set up the following health protocols on campus:

Medical Concerns:

For any medical concerns, please reach out to the University nurse, Ms. Malini at the Health Centre between 9.30 AM and 5 PM on working days and over phone beyond office hours.

The Nurse will meet and examine student concerns and identify appropriate actions. For minor medical matters, the Nurse will take appropriate action in consultation with the Resident Doctor. For any medical matter requiring external support, consultations or hospitalization, we will engage external medical support on the advice of the Resident Doctor.


The University has a tie-up with Fortis Hospital in Nagarbhavi, which is situated close to the campus, to provide medical attention including hospital care when required.

For any medical emergencies, the Nurse will contact the emergency services at Fortis Hospital. University vehicles are used for emergency transport, if ambulance services are unavailable. The Administrative Officer of the Residence Life Team will assist the Nurse in arranging any urgent transport facilities.

In case of any other concerns, the Nurse may reach out to the relevant Hall Warden for advice and / or assistance on the course of action.

Maintenance of records:

The Nurse maintains a record of all cases in a digital format for effective monitoring of all pending matters. This includes:

(I) the name of the student
(II) residence details including the name of the residence hall and room number
(III) nature of the complaint
(IV) the initial diagnosis
(V) suggested course of action, and
(VI) current status update of the case

Medical Insurance Policy:

The University has procured health insurance for students under the Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy with M/s. New India Assurance Co. Ltd. Our medical insurance policy covers all students for a variety of medical needs including COVID care. Details of the policy and the claim form are available at

For any queries regarding the Insurance Policy, please reach out to Ms. Prathibha V.K. at the reception.