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Meet our faculty member | Harsha N

July 29, 2021

We extend a warm welcome to Harsha N, NLS ‘LLM 2016, who recently joined NLSIU as Assistant Professor. He previously worked as a law officer with the Airports Authority of India where he was involved in matters pertaining to tender, environment, construction, labour, commercial contracts among others. He has also worked as a transactional lawyer where he advised multinational clients with business interests in India.

We asked him to share more about his interests and his work.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself/your background?

I hail from Bangalore, and completed my B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) from Hidayatullah National Law University and LL.M. from NLS. I had the opportunity to work at the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and on transactional matters in a law firm. These diverse experiences have broadened my perspective towards the industrial approaches to law. My keen interest in the theoretical side of law has inspired me to start my academic career after gaining experience on the professional front.

2. What are your main areas of teaching? How did your interest in these areas begin?

I teach Environmental Law and Financial Market Regulation (FMR). During my previous professional engagements, I had encountered situations where the knowledge of FMR helped me in dealing with complexities of transactional matters and government contracts. There were also situations wherein I was able to contribute to add new dimensions in the workings of PSU based on knowledge of FMR. It captured my interest when I experienced that a contract structured on FMR principles could bring clarity in complex transactions.

During my work at AAI, I was also involved in matters pertaining to environmental issues and thus developed an interest in the tight rope walk between environmental law and developmental activities. Laws governing environment protection are primarily anthropocentric and when the interest of human development takes precedence over protection of environment there are instances of violating these laws. The margin for error is absent in environment protection and certain actions are from a point of no return. I always felt frustrated when human development and self-centred interests of certain groups were destroying the environmental balance and hence, I would like to work towards protecting the environment.

3. In your opinion, please elaborate on the importance of these subjects you teach at NLS.

Financial Market Regulation and Environmental Law are areas that impact each one of us with or without our knowledge. The dynamism of Financial Market Regulation keeps one involved in the field to be a part of continuous changes in financial markets. Currently, machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are the driving forces of markets. Financial market adopts technologies and are developing financial instruments at a very fast pace. Law regulating the market has to develop addressing the issues especially investor protection and asymmetry of information.

Environmental Law is facing challenges with rapid industrialization and economic development. Environmental law is seen as an impediment to development, but on the contrary, it is a field that governs the behaviour in the developmental activities. There are contrasting perspectives on what is allowed and what is not like in the instance of the forest dwellers required to relocate outside the core forest areas and there is tourism developing near the forest areas. There cannot be a denial of the right to livelihood of the two groups and but which one should take precedence is evident. Environmental law has numerous conflicts that need to be addressed and to protect the interest of those who cannot reach the pedestal of justice.

4. Since you are also an NLS alum, could you briefly share your experience at law school?

My law school days were a highly enriching experience. I had the opportunity to learn from inspiring professors who not only motivated me to push my limits in the classroom but also in my professional life. The seminars during my LL.M. year allowed me to delve deep into research on different areas like cryptocurrency and revenge pornography. The theoretical underpinnings that I learnt at NLS helped me overcome professional challenges with ease.

5. Your thoughts on starting your teaching journey at NLS? What are your plans ahead?

It feels great to be back! After having been a student here, I’m looking forward to being a part of the faculty. I endeavour to translate my professional experiences into my classroom teaching and also theorise the same in due course.