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The NLS Public Lecture Series | ‘India Justice Report 2020′




Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 5:00 pm

The NLS Public Lecture Series invites you to a talk on ‘India Justice Report 2020′ by Maja Daruwala on Wednesday, 15th September 2021 from 5.00 PM to 6.00 PM.

About the Speaker

Maja Daruwala is the Chief Editor of the India Justice Report and Senior Advisor with the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI).

About the Report

The India Justice Report ranks 18 large and mid-sized, and 7 small states according to their capacity to deliver justice to all. It uses government data to assess the budgets, infrastructure, human resources, workload, diversity and 5 year trends of police, prisons, judiciary and legal aid in each state, against its own declared standards. This first of its kind study is an initiative of Tata Trusts undertaken in partnership with Centre for Social Justice, Common Cause, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), DAKSH, TISS-Prayas and Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy.


IJR 2020 brings together 87 indicators related to justice delivery. It uses the latest data drawn from various official documents and departments as available in the public domain at the time of publication. These data sets are brought together and collated to assess the capacity of 4 pillars– police, prisons, legal aid, and judiciary–of each state’s justice system to effectively deliver justice. Each theme – infrastructure, budgets, human resources, workload and diversity as well as trends – is in itself is a commentary on a key facet of the pillar and combines with other metrics to compute an aggregate score for each pillar and finally a rank for the state.

How to read this factsheet?

Each indicator has a different unit, to enable comparison, we rebased values to score the state’s performance in a band of 1 to 10. The data below show how the Odisha compares on each indicator, against the other 17 large and mid-sized states. The higher the score, the better the state is doing. ‘Worst value’ and ‘best value’ point to the highest and lowest results in that indicator. The green and red circles indicate positive and negative change respectively over IJR 2019.